Let us March into the next month!

See what I did there? Hey everybody. Have you been enjoying Professor Oak's podcast? All jokes aside, Professor Oak's show should be consistent until we get actual episodes recorded. Every Tuesday, a new Oak episode will be going up. I hope I don't go through every pokemon before a new Red Squirtle comes out! That's really what has been going on. Now let's get to the fun stuff...the question of the month. Last month I asked "Red is commissioned to make a Squirtle Pokemon card, What would Squirtle's attacks be?" Let's see what you all said...

B-rad B. said "Squirtle 45 hp
Water (shot)Gun 2 waters does 45 hp
Ice Beam 4 waters 2 normals Flip a coin. If heads does 64 damage and freezes the opponent for 2 turns. If tails does nothing, but requires a mid-match glass of water break." Aw come on! Another tails?! This is like the fifth time we stopped this game!!

Logananimeguy said "Squirtle EX 70 HP
Ice Beam: 2 Water Energies, 30 damage, Heads Paralyze, Tails no paralysis
That other move: 5 Water Energy, Infinite damage, If heads the attack hits, if tails the attack does nothing" Does this make squirtle OP? I think so!

Dawson1441 said "I dont know much about pokemon cards but squirtles move should be that other move insta kill every time" The nature of that other move certainly has some deadly properties

As for the remainder of this month, the question will be... What is Professor Oak's Favorite book? Even I don't really have a clear answer for this. See you all soon!



  1. Obviously, his favorite book is "How to tell people not to ride their bike indoors from anywhere for dummies" . . . I totally did not just make that book up

  2. His favorite book is "The Guide to Reading."


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