Halloween was AWESOME!

Hey friends! It's me, BROCK!!!! and you gave me a bunch of Halloween suggestions that I couldn't choose just one. So I did them all! I'll tell you of my experience with each.

So I began the day dressed as ComputerBug's suggestion as a yellow squirtle in high hopes that Red will love me more. So I went to his house and I couldn't find him. I got worried. I was yelling "RED! REEEED! RED!" but then these guys threw some pokeballs at me thinking I was a pokemon...pokeballs hurt.

So next I dressed up as Ryan's suggestion, Roark. Since I've never heard of the guy I assumed what he meant was a Kadabra that knows roar. So I got my clothing together and went outside and started roaring. I thought it would be funny to run into my work and start to yell. So I ra in roaring and some girl punched me in the face....her fist hurt. Oh and how I read these comments? I have a program that reads words out loud for me!

So next I went as Logananimeguy's suggestion as Red as the chocolate dunkaroo. I had a hard time figuring out what a chocolate dunkaroo meant. So I asked my friend me what it could be. I said to myself "chocolate syrup." Outside of my gym I filled a pool with chocolate syrup and dunked myself in. Soon after I got out a bunch of Ratatta came out and started gnawing me because I attracted them with my scent. Ratattas hurt....

Next I went as thewals' suggestion as a Magikarp! I wasn't that smart and I forgot to put a spot for my feet, so I couldn't walk. So I splashed around looking for Red to cheer him up! During all this, a guy ran up to me with huge net and trapped me! I was trying to tell him it was a costume but he wouldn't listen! He then dropped me in a tank with other Magikarps. I had a hard time breathing. I was able to get out by smashing the tank enough to break it open. I then hopped out of the house but I tripped on a tree branch and hurt my arm. Tree branches hurt.... Also PS means Post-script? I always thought it meant perceive soon. So pss would be perceive soon soon and so on....whoopsies

After that incident, I went with AnGeRfUrY Walsh's suggestion of either a Vulpix or a Chansey...I couldn't decide between the two so I made a Chanpix...or a Vulpsey....I'll go with Vulpsey. I figured Red must be trick or treating at Celadon City. So I strolled into the city and this one guy from across some water swam over to me and tried to feed me a disk. He kept saying "This red Chansey will learn softboiled. I've been waiting here all my life to teach a Chansey this move and FINALLY one comes by" I yelled at him that this was a costume and it took a few minutes for him to comprehend what I was saying. He started crying so I walked over to him to help cheer him up. In a fit of rage, he pushed me. I fell into the water and hit my shoulder on the edge of the pool. Pool edges hurt....

A little later I went with Mongo's suggestion! I went to my work and got in our Snorelax costume there. As I was leaving, my boss stopped me and said "Oh, working for free for a little bit? That'll be great Brock" I tried to explain to him that it was a halloween costume....but he still forced me to stay. So I was out dancing around in my costume then a kid walked up to me. He was dressed like Lance! So I gave him an apple and he just threw it at my head and left without one word! Apples hurt...

After I got out of work, I looked at Magoona's suggestion and Magoona was suggesting someone really cool. I mean dress as a guy who is a gym leader, a pizza guy, and a viking?! How much cooler can you get? And so for an hour I did what Magoona said! Gave out badges, delivered pizza and be a viking....but then I realized something....I was being me! So I had to go back and plan some more. Also Magoona asked a question from the last post so I'll answer it now.

My compadre Magoona asked "Brock, how are you the "Master" of rock? If you're the best rock type trainer, then rock type trainers must be pathetic. By the way, I'd like a Large Pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and a large Dr. Pepp-I mean oak. A large Dr. Oak."

I'm the master because my grandmother said I was when I was a small boy! I liked to play with rocks when I was little. There are worse rock trainers then me!...just you haven't met anyone....also we don't have Dr. Oak we only have Kabutopsi....sorry.

While thinking of my next Idea a cool guy named Buried Alive to meet him at lavender town. He said something about eating Red....so that must mean he and Red went out for dinner. So I headed to Lavender Town and wanted to meet up with him and Red...I wondered why he said he was lonely...he did have Red there. When I got there I couldn't find him! Completely gone! which was unfair because I wanted to find Red the entire day and couldn't! Well...maybe next time. This has been Brock See you all later!

Phew...Brock likes to write a lot. Let's see if I can get someone else to do the questions for me. I hope everyone in the north-east that got affected by Sandy is doing alright.We live in New Jersey, but since we live very west New Jersey, we hardly got affected. It was much worse in other places and we all give our hearst to those affected. If you guys haven't checked it out yet. Firegold's Halloween episodes are really good. I highly suggest listening to those. As for Red Squirtle News...November and December are the roughest school months so don't expect a new episode til the holidays. However, I am also planning some more things. I wish I could say, but you'll just have to see! This months question is What is Red thankful for? Looking forward to your responses, as always. Soo you soon