Who says we're dead?

Hello and welcome back to the blog. It's been a while...a long while....a really long while...but The Red Squirtle makes it's glorious return in 2017. For those of you who stuck around, I thank you. For those of you who just stumbled upon us now, I wonder how that happened.  So with the intro outta the way let's discuss Episode 29: Offer?

While it's been nearly 2 years for us, it's been only a few minutes for Red as he finally reaches Cinnabar Island and what does he do? He wastes his time accomplishing almost nothing. Honestly there's not too much to write up on this episode. Red is Red doing Red things and Red-ing around. The only things to take away from this episode is Red now knows of all the legendary birds and he met some unique character at the end. Speaking of the next episode, have a trailer!

You can expect to listen to Episode 30 next Friday and I can't wait for you all to listen to it. It is a good one. See you all on the next post!



Wait, how long has it been?

Hello guys, Alex here to give you your monthly* blog post!

*Monthly not guaranteed

Truth be told, I was holding out on making a blog post because I wanted to wait until we uploaded something (and it is true we have something in the works!). Due to problems that I'll explain when we get this thing done, we have to keep rerecording it. I should be getting my next recording soon and hopefully that will be the one! Other than that, I hope you all had a good 4th and I'm kinda glad no pokemon games were announced at E3 because we are not ready for a new Red Radio yet. Anywho, let's take a look at the last question I posted which asked What Red's favorite book would be. Let's see what the two of ya said!

B-Rad said "Red's favorite book would be A Glass of Water by Jimmy Santiago Baca. He didn't read it, he just judged it by its cover" I bet he sang while he bought it

and Mongo said " 'The History of GameShows'. How else would he win all those things?" Dumb luck. That's how.

For this month, let's get obscure! Anyone remember the character Annoy? He was in like 2 or 3 episodes. He has some unwritten history with Red and his job is to bring new trainers to the pewter city gym. What does Annoy do on his days off? I think he walks his family around the house like they are new to the house

Have a nice day everyone and thanks for bearing with us during this slow period



April Fools!

Hey everybody! Alex here to give you an update in the world of The Red Squirtle. My microphone might be broken...so...that's an issue...but Mewtwo was released in smash! Also Master of Rock has a great microphone! But we can't make new episodes until I get a new one or this somehow fixes itself. I wanted April to be the coming back month...but that might be delayed for a little bit.


So uh...question time! According to you guys, Oak just doesn't read that much...but let us take a look at how you answered the question: What is Professor Oaks favorite book?

Ryan said "Obviously, his favorite book is "How to tell people not to ride their bike indoors from anywhere for dummies" . . . I totally did not just make that book up" I think I saw that on amazon

Snowstar (welcome aboard the Red Squirtle train) said "His favorite book is "The Guide to Reading."" We all gotta start somewhere.

This month's question is What is Red's favorite book? Because we all know Red likes to read...and we all know how good he is at it.

Have a good one guys and hang in there.



Let us March into the next month!

See what I did there? Hey everybody. Have you been enjoying Professor Oak's podcast? All jokes aside, Professor Oak's show should be consistent until we get actual episodes recorded. Every Tuesday, a new Oak episode will be going up. I hope I don't go through every pokemon before a new Red Squirtle comes out! That's really what has been going on. Now let's get to the fun stuff...the question of the month. Last month I asked "Red is commissioned to make a Squirtle Pokemon card, What would Squirtle's attacks be?" Let's see what you all said...

B-rad B. said "Squirtle 45 hp
Water (shot)Gun 2 waters does 45 hp
Ice Beam 4 waters 2 normals Flip a coin. If heads does 64 damage and freezes the opponent for 2 turns. If tails does nothing, but requires a mid-match glass of water break." Aw come on! Another tails?! This is like the fifth time we stopped this game!!

Logananimeguy said "Squirtle EX 70 HP
Ice Beam: 2 Water Energies, 30 damage, Heads Paralyze, Tails no paralysis
That other move: 5 Water Energy, Infinite damage, If heads the attack hits, if tails the attack does nothing" Does this make squirtle OP? I think so!

Dawson1441 said "I dont know much about pokemon cards but squirtles move should be that other move insta kill every time" The nature of that other move certainly has some deadly properties

As for the remainder of this month, the question will be... What is Professor Oak's Favorite book? Even I don't really have a clear answer for this. See you all soon!



Happy Mid-February!

Hello everyone. Remember us? I sure do. I hope you all do too. Hopefully, The recent Professor Oak Teaches Pokemon episodes have been keeping you semi-entertained recently.  In other news, I've been keeping Red Squirtle alive in my heart too in other games too! Let me show you what I have been up to! In Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, I've sorta made a Red Squirtle secret base. So go ahead and visit it for a little Red Squirtle love!
Sure, my character might be named Blue, but pretend he is named Red. Next, I've been replaying Earthbound and named everything based off of Red Squirtle. Take a look!
So...yeah. Let's go over January's question which was "What would Red's second wish be if he was granted three wishes?" Let's go over what you all said.

Ryan said "He would wish to be a member of team rocket, since he was rejected earlier by that grunt on nugget bridge." That is some old school Red Squirtle stuff there and yet...I believe Red would hold that grudge.

B-rad B. (nice new name) said "He would ask for more wishes"...but what would his first wish be then....?

PAPAYA the superstar said "He'd definitely ask for a good, roasted Farfetch'd!" But I mean who wouldn't?

Jacob Solomon said "He'd ask to have a Ratatta in the top percentage of Ratatta. He's played too much Gold." He does have to show that punk, Gold, who really is the best trainer.

And for the remainder of this month....Red is commissioned to make a Squirtle Pokemon card, What would Squirtle's attacks be?

Keep an eye out for more Oak episodes and the eventual return of Red (whenever that'll be)!

See you all soon!



Happy 2015!

Hello...you still there? I swear we still exist! some...some day we will return. In all serious-ness I do plan on actually releasing content, as pathetic that may sound. I have the urge to make more stuff. So you may see more Professor Oak episodes and the eventual return of Red and his crew. I can't promise anything, but I really do hope we can get Master of Rock back in town to do a massive recording session, That way we could have content for months upon months. For now, we only have episodes written, nothing recorded. I hope you all have been enjoying your holiday season. Not too long ago I got alpha sapphire and I am working to get a Red Squirtle themed secret base. Keep an eye on our facebook page for that. That'll be all for news this month.

Recently I saw that there were some guests on the blog and a certain sour fellow had blog duties in November. He asked "What is the worst part about Red?" Let's see what you all said to that!

B-rad said "Red's worst part is that he won't ever get to play Smash Bros. Wii U" However, I think Red is a trophy this time around so at least he will be near the action
Logananimeguy said "*Blinks* there's a worst part about him? I thought him being an idiot was all an act and being crazy is his strange personality" You know we're not even sure what to make of Red he is just Red. Either somehow a genius or a complete idiot. Someone could write an entire thesis about Red.

Mongo said "The worst part about Red was his old Eevee" She certainly was saucy.

This month I ask you all is... What would Red's second wish be if he was granted three wishes?

Remember only the second wish. I can't wait to read your comments. See you all soon!



Fine! I'll do it!

Hey everyone. Your pal Blue is here and I guess they want someone competent to do this blog post. Alright let's see here...Okay so apparently we have begun uploading old episodes to our youtube channel once again. So I guess subscribe to the channel or something.... Next...wait nothing else is written here...man you guys are lame. Okay I'll tell you all a story. So the other day I was eating lunch. I was having a chicken sandwich and a salad. I could hear this guy complaining about something a few tables down. Being an amazing and awesome citizen I am, I asked what was wrong. He was trying to decide what he should eat. I told him to get what I got sand he did and he loved it! I am the best at recommending!...You want me to review last month's question? oookay. Let's see...last month the question was...? Are you serious?! Fine. What is the best part about Red? Let's see how you all answered that and I hope you all answered honestly!!

B-rad said "The best part about Red is he is still 10 after 5 years of adventure" Five years? It's only been like two days.

Ryan said "Amazing stuff" Oh ha ha. Aren't you a comedian! and by the way Red isn't amazing.

Mongo said "The best part about Red is his ridiculous luck, especially when it comes to game-shows or competitions" I'd say that's the worst part! I don't know how he can beat me every time! I try hard! But what does he do? Get by with dumb luck!

Logananimeguy said "The best part of Red is his best way to handle any situation thrown his way, and probably if/when he faces mewtwo i'd expect him to throw a pokeball and catch first try with full health then catch Fishy with the master ball (Also hired as a Red Squirtle Writer, it's such an honor)" There's a two? When did that happen? Fishy? Who is that? And he doesn't handle situations well! He just somehow gets by! I do a better job...

That question was dumb! I got a better one for this month. What is the worst part about Red? Be brutal and honest! I can't wait to see your answers!

Smell you later,