Red Squirtle Episode 7 Trailer


Here is the trailer for episode 7, which will be up next friday! There was less material for me to work with this time, so I think it's a little shorter than usual (of course, not as short as last weeks trailer!) So without further ado, enjoy the trailer!


Episode 6: The Dragon Gym

This episode began the time where our team started recording other episodes because initially we wanted to get a girl to record her part...but pretty much any girl we could find was not willing to do it. So we recorded up to where misty comes in and put it off and started recording others (yea we have up to episode 10 recorded shhh). Eventually time was drawing near where we needed to get this episode done. At that time episode 7 was done and episodes up to 10 were written...so we NEEDED to get it done. Our team was sitting near the computers thinking if I was gonna be me as misty or master of rock. Eventually master of rock got a brilliant idea! He would be angry misty in his "Dockhag voice" and I would be misty in....well a less annoying voice then I did the other girl. Little did we know that it was going to work out sooo well

Okay...let's move onto the episode. So it begins with a loooong story.....about rubik's cubes. The whole concept of this story was based on me and taco man blurbing out a random year. That year happened to be 1974...and it just so happens that it was the year the Rubik's cube was invented. So from there we looked other events from that year. For example, the small part mentioning the movie "Earthquake"...Earthquake was released that year. The part about the audio message to Hercules constellation is also real...I think. Remember the part:

"TEAR DOWN THE GREEN WALL... so we all ran towards the green wall...than everything turned bright pink"

hmmm...Tear down the wall.....pink floyd...sound familiar?

This episode is when we really started to use more sound effects. My favorite is the Water Gun sound effect. But something that we used that I absolutely loved is Red's thinking process. It was my favorite part this episode. Our initial recording stopped after the battle with the annoying voice girl and didn't continue til much later with the actual battle. The part where Squirtle tries to use thunder, you probably heard an unusual sound effect. This is the "disabled" sound effect used in episode 7...oops. Next is the dreaded "That other move" the original idea was to have an explosion at the end, but to still have Squirtle alright. But we have been playing around with Audacity a lot and master of rock put together that...and we absolutely loved the idea...as for what happened....i don't wanna find out (shiver). I love the part immediately after "That other move" where everyone starts celebrating and acting like Squirtle did not turn into a demonic foul beast and completely murder that Starmie. I love how Brock appears in this episode to explain TM 34. When writing this part, me and Tacoman chose a TM at random...and it just so happened to be the TM that Brock gives to the player.

FAVORITE LINE TIME: Red-...can I have my badge now

Come back this Friday for a trailer for episode 7. It's a fun one