Hello hello my many adoring fans...my somewhat good amount of adoring fans....my very few fans. Anywho this is Alex, the one whose Internet broke for the last few weeks. That makes communication very difficult for us. It is still not fixed yet (AHHH). As you know I am usually in charge of the site. While Taco man does editing etc. etc. So please excuse the lack of a trailer. I hope to get my issue straightened out soon so we can be back on track. You probably noticed that a trailer was not posted. I would make a quick trailer...but I don't have the audio file and I'm at my mother's office and she does not have any kind of audio editing program. I would also like to apologize for the feed change...yet again and of course this has to happen when my interwebz doesn't work. Doing a podcast is very difficult sometimes -_-. I think I'm getting it fix soon, so Taco man doesn't have to do everything but write the scripts (but he did a great job on the sorry episode). Once again sorry for my disappearance, I hope to fix it soon. The next episode will be excellent. It's one of my favorites. Also we are no longer in need of a female vocalist because...well, it's not enough time to release a Valentines episode. It's a real shame because it is a good one. Next time...please participate whydontcha?