Write up episode 20!

It felt like forever since I wrote this one...mainly because it has been a long time since then, even longer than the redo of episode 19. None-the-less I remember this episode was fun to write and fun to record.

If you didn't notice, the intro is very similar to the outro of episode 19...that is because what we had recorded in the intro was the recap of the old episode 19. So instead of recording a new one, we just took the outro and decided it was good enough (we wanted this episode to be released asap)

In this episode we introduced two rocket members who aren't very good pokemon trainers. Their voices are based on the voices of henchmen 21 and 24 from one of my favorite TV shows, The Venture Brothers. Master of Rock and I love to do impressions of these two and we decided to add it to Red Squirtle. Personally I think I can do a better 21 than I did in the recording, but hey it kinda sounds like him. Later we move to the battle between Marowak and Squirtle. I'm 100% possitive that everyone tried to catch the Marowak only to have it avoid the pokeball. I have a story about that, but I'll explain it at another time.
This is when you guys truly see the power of Growlithe. We had this one planned for a while. However, the original plans for Growlithe was different. We planned to have two episodes based on Erika's gym. In one epsioe Red would battle her and lose. Then in the next episode Red finds a Growlithe, catches it, then battles Erika and wins. We scrapped this idea when we realized how much we liked doing game shows and replaced that idea with Red meeting Yellow and trading for a Growlithe, but that was replaced with what 19 is today. I'm not sure when we decided to make Growlithe all glitchy like, but it had to be close to when I started writing the episode. Later we meet mr. racism...I mean Fuji. I apologize to any Asian listeners that impression, but come on. His name is Fuji, he has to be Asian. This is one of those Rare instances where Taco Man is not Red, Squirtle, or Growlithe. He played Fuji in this one. So direct the hate mail to him :D Also did you guys like that little thing at the end? This is what we were saying before starting the episode. From this you learned that 20 is indeed 5 after 15. Good job Master of Rock, you CAN do math

Thats all for this episode. All that's left is my favorite quote(s) of the episode. This episode has to be this one:

Rocket3- huh?
Red- shut up. Use another move growlithe!

This exchange here always cracks me up. Red is such a boss. Do you have a favorite quote from 20? Share it here. However don't forget to answer July's question you can see it HERE . Just scroll down to the bottom of that post and the question will be bolded and underlined. See ya soon for the next episode!