Contest winning episode!

The new contest winning episode is now finished and uploaded. First new episode in a while too!We are very sorry for those of you who did not win, it was a tough decision for the winning episode. But congratulations to Papaya and Draftmaster! Go listen to their episode on iTunes now!


Episode 17 + 18....write ups?

Yeah, remember these? I don't...but lets give it a try. It's been a while since. I had to remind myself what exactly I wrote. So less dilly dallying and let's dive right into Episode 17: Arrows and Peanut Butter. So we begin with Red picking up right exactly where the last episode left him. So he starts out finishing the sentence he started in Episode 16 and it shows those arrow things in the rocket hideout. I make a remark about how the arrows make you move incredibly slow. I remember sitting there with my gameboy, waiting for Red to go faster.  Then I had to come up with something for the little squares that make you stop. So I chose the first thing that could come in my mind...peanut butter...why peanut butter? Who knows? Cause I don't. So then Red vomits in squirtles pokeball and can no longer use it. Forcing squirtle to walk with Red the entire time, making it a Red-Squirtle episode HAHAHAHAHAhaha...haha..ha...yeah. I'll stop. More than half the lines in this episode are Taco Man's. Me and Master of Rock literally left the room for the first half of the episode to play Super Smash Bros. So moving on, Red and Squirtle work on completing the arrow puzzles and Red was lucky enough to get the correct route. Then Squirtle vomits....that's a theme in this episode. Like the music in the elevator? If you play the pokemon games, you'll probably recognize it....as for you non current pokemon players. Now I am not sure what game it is from or where...all I know is that I heard it from somewhere. So then someone else besides Taco Man gets a line! and it's a guest we had before. Royce. It was a small part. So then Red goes on the right path and finds more arrows, but then he gets a great idea.....a great idea...and red? whatever. He jumps over the panels and meets rocket # 2 of the episode. Played by Master of Rock. I had to include a time machine part for the paper mario because paper mario was made waay later Pokemon....will you ever see this time traveler dude? I don't think so. I just had to make up a reason. I love the zubat joke in these episodes. This time Red literally takes rocket's turn away. I loved it. So Red wins and steals the lift key from the Rocket. The whole joke involving Lion King was made a real long time ago, probably when episode 10 was new, I just never used it until now cause I was randomly reminded of it from either Taco Man or Master of Rock....don't know which one. Then red gets into the elevator and runs into 2 rockets. One played by me (Alex) and the other played by Royce. So I was the stupid one revealing Rocket's plans. This scene is self explanatory. then we move onto Giovanni. I hope you guys like The God Father. I played Giovanni. It was fun. In the beginning of the battle, I managed to make a Brock joke. that guy is so easy to make fun of.  So Squirtle takes out Onix and Rhyhorn easily. Then he sends out Kangaskhan and things get interesting. When  comet punch doesn't work Giovanni says something bad. We actually did say the curse word in full while recording, it'd make it easier to edit out later. So Red being 10 never heard of that word....and once again I slip another Brock joke in. During that conversation. Squirtle decided to climb up to the ceiling and drop from above to knock out Kangaskhan. Then it ends with Red getting a "Money Machine"

Favorite line: Red-I don't care! It's my turn now! You just lost your turn! Too bad for you!

Let's go right on to Episode 18: 8009 Dollars. It begins with a non-Red line (That's pretty rare) Where we meet a secretary having a bad talk with her boss. Then Red walks in with the line


Very Red-like. red then learns that it's not a money machine and instead allows him to "see dead things" Squirtle comes running in a little later, still with no pokeball, only to be informed that the machine can be used to see the ghost they saw in lavender town. They get excited and decide to ditch the place and go to lavender town. But suddenly is convinced (by videogames) to shop here for a bit. Looks like the secretary is gonna continue to have her job. Then we meet one of my favorite characters, the smooth talking salesman played by Master of Rock. This salesman sells him the noise making greatballs.So Red buys 7 of them....no wait 11 of them and the total came to 11,000. Red then gives him 8009 dollars....So somthing in his brain said that each one must have cost at least 728.0909090909091 or more (because of his line "yeah yeah keep the change) Once he was proven wrong about his math, he suddenly knows that there is 2991 dollars left to pay. How? not sure. Red's brain is odd. So he buys them and switches his pokemon balls out. Red is fascinated by the sounds they make. He then goes to the next floor. The video game floor. So did you recognize all the game sounds and music? well here is the order: 1. Street Fighter Two 2. Kirby's Avalanche 3. Chrono Trigger 4. Punch Out!. So during Punch Out He makes a remark about his dad. By the way, that is the very line from the game, "Dad'll like this". So we learn about Reds rough childhood. Later he sees a poster (which in the actual game says that) and thinks that he and blue are both pokemon, but that passes because of videogames. So Red climbs the stairs to the next floor and sees, yet again, one of my favorite characters! The salesman. This time he talks Red into buy 3 pokeaction figures each at 5000 dollars each, but Red, again, thinks that it adds up to 8009 dollars. In Red's mind each pokedoll....erm action figure was 2669.666666666667 dollars each. Then the salesman sells him every stone except thunder. Then I was going to dive into an old joke....but recently it became very out dated. So no more 493 jokes anymore...sorry guys. So the price of all 3 stones were 500,000 dollars. red tried to pay 8009...again. who knows what goes through his mind. So he tries them all on Pikasquirtle....and none of them worked...who knew. So red goes to the next floor and finds them...SELLING DRUGS?!?!?!....but no. Not that kind of drugs. It's nice to know that Red can say no to drugs. Red then runs upstairs in rage and buys 2 waters. Then goes down...expecting the store to not be selling drugs anymore....in the 5 seconds he was gone.

Favorite line: Red- Are you sure it's not eight thousand
Salesman- and nine? Yes, I am very positive

Alright there we go. I would like to apologize for not really doing anything Red Squirtle related recently. We are all busy apparently shopping. But watch out for our anniversary episode. We have chosen a winner.



The contest has ended!

The contest is now officially over! We got a lot of great entries, and we are sorry that we could only pick one! And the contest winner is..... (drumroll please) ...... Going to be announced when we upload the episode! I'm sure everyone will like it, look forward to it next Saturday!