Episodes 1 and 2 are up!

In the past few weeks, our team has released episodes 1 and 2 of The Red Squirtle. You probably noticed that episode 1 is called"Re-Planting the Tree" and thought "Re?....there was never a normal 'Planting the Tree'" To that I say, yes there was. "Planting the Tree" does exists, but when we recorded it, we didn't have our third member, Master of Rock. On top of that it was shorter and the editing was not too great...overall, it was horrible compared to "Re-Planting the Tree". Why we changed the name? We want to remember the very first complete Red Squirtle episode.

Episode 2, "Splashing the Cannonball", was the first episode we recorded with Master of Rock. Our original plans with Bugzy was to have his story completely improvised, but we decided to cut that out and instead write it. During that writing session the quote from Bugzy's dad,

"It looks like he ran into a bear, the bear was terrified about his face, so he attempted to rip it off. BUT! The bear died from UGLY. So, it collapsed on top of him! and then, the surgeons used hot glue, staples, and stuck-o to put his face back together. But, they needed to fill in his face with dried up vomit in order to keep his face together. HE’S UGLY. "

was actually an addition from Master of Rock. This came from an insult he made up to make fun of this person. I know it's horrible that he did that, but we found it so hilarious that we had to put it in. Do you guys remember Brock's sorta-rap? No? Well here it is.

"Yo my name is BROCK. Im the master of ROCK. Ill make you eat your SOCK.And don’t try to give me a SHOCK….because it kinda wont work."

I believe that rap took me about 3 seconds to write, but once Master of Rock (my friend, not Brock) uttered that line, Me and Taco Man knew that he had to be part of our team. Here's a fun fact about Episode 2 The guy who says

"We have a space exhibit too"

We named him Bill Nye and if you noticed, Red says

"Thanks science guy"

We thought that we needed to have Bill Nye in this.....We think Bill Nye should be a part of everything.

Come back this friday for a preview of episode 3!