Hello June

Well this month had some great ideas about the original episode 19 as well as some...interesting comments. Gold suggested that Red trades with Blue after Blue gets mad at his Growlithe. PAPAYA suggested that Red met Jack after Jack caught a Growlithe and after Red wins the battle, they traded. Brian suggested it had something to do with a Doduo and a Shellder but didn't elaborate any further. The original 19 is about Red meets a girl named Yellow. Yellow has a Growlithe who doesn't listen to her, much like Red's Eevee. They have a battle and it ends at a stand still between Eevee and Growlithe. They agree to trade and red messes up the trade sequence which also messes up his Growlithe. The reason we had to rewrite it is because our actress for Yellow suddenly quit on us and we took time to try to find someone else who can do the voice for us but none of our friends wanted to. If there are any girls who want to do a voice for us, don't hesitate to send us an email at redsquirtle1@gmail.com

Okay! so new question for this month is....What is your favorite Brock moment on Red Squirtle? Brock is one of my favorite characters in the series and he has made numerous appearances. I quote him all the time. It's not hard to love Brock. As for me.... In episode 9 (the viking one), The whole conversation between Red and Brock about him being a viking and Red basically destroys Brock's idea of being a viking.

Share your favorites in the comments below. You don't need a google account to post, just go to the bottom of the comment box and it'll say "Comment as" and either choose Anonymous or Name/URL(if you want a name to appear on the comment) We currently have a few episodes recorded, so expect something soon. Buh bye Red Squirtleites!