The Red squirtle Episode 10 Trailer


Here is the trailer for episode 1o, which will be airing next friday! Sorry for it being unreasonably loud, everyone. Watch your speaker volume. It sounds like Red and Blue are gona get one heck of a battle from Lt. Serge!

And, like I said last week, this episode is featuring a special guest, Royce! Royce enjoyed recording with us, so expect to hear more from him in the future!

Speaking of guest appearances, time is running out to become Red Squirtle's first female voice actress! Email us at redsquirtle1@gmail.com for details, and you might just get the part!


Episode 9: Vikings Awesome Adventures Part 8

Hey everyone! Alex is having some technical difficulties, so it looks like I'm gona write the blog post this time! So, Alex has been saying how everything after episode 5 was recorded out of order, and this episode is no exception. Ironically, we started recording Episode 9 after Episode 10 was all finished.

This episode was an original idea, straying away from the actual story line of the game (kind of like episode 5). We figured we had to have something special happen on the S.S. Anne, and since the whole "ship sinking" idea was taken by the Anime, and Pirates was a bit cliché, Vikings would be the best idea.

So, on to the episode. This episode, instead of having the normal "Red Squirtle" intro, has the intro to some series following the adventures of a ship of Vikings. This is apparently the 8th episode in some podcast called "Vikings Awesome Adventures", and is interfering with Red Squirtle. They had gone to some place called "Newbark Town" and took Root Beer from someone named "Elm"... hmmm, sounds like the Vikings were off in some far off land named Johto to me.

Anyway, the episode begins with Red telling Olaf about a story Squirtle told him. Sound familiar anyone? Then Olaf goes to "get a glass of water" for Red. As a side note, did anyone notice the references to a certain video game called "Lost Vikings"? Olaf, Erik, and Baleog? Viking theme, anyone? Eh, whatever. Anyway, while Red and Olaf are singing about not getting a glass of water, Red sidetracks and says:

"I'm, uh...water...BATHROOM!"

And Red leaves Olaf in the dust. Too bad for Olaf. So once Red finds Squirtle (pikachu) in the kitchen, he runs into the Blood-Seeker, Baleog. Master of Rock voiced him, and as soon as we gave him his inspiration "the strong, silent type", he instantly decided to go with the voice of Batman. Baleog says to "Hey you", directly followed by Squirtle saying "Pikachu!", and then a laugh track. In case no one got the joke, there was a game called "Hey you, Pikachu!" for Nintendo 64. There was a microphone attachment, and you could talk to the Pikachu in the game and tell it to do various tasks. Alex and I had a lot of fun playing that game, and we nicknamed our Pikachu "Squirtle" for no reason. This is where the inspiration for nicknaming Red's Pikachu "Squirtle" came from, and we thought it would be even funnier, since red already has a pokémon named Squirtle.

Then the un-original part of the episode. By that, I don't mean we completely ripped someone off, it just has more to do with the story of pokémon. Another battle with Blue! In the game, Blue's picture looks different than it has in the past, and he looks more serious. Of course, we had to include this, and the reason for this transformation is because he is a VIKING! Blue's Bulbasaur evolved into an Ivysaur, but too bad Red is oblivious to the fact that pokémon can evolve. I wonder what Red thought Blue did with his Bulbasaur...

After that, Red finds the Captian's Room, and discovers that all of the Vikings are leaving. But they forgot someone! Brock! This is were Red finds his Pidgey, the most under-appreciated pokémon Red owns. Ironically, the most under-appreciated gym leader had it. Who just so happens to be Red's most under-appreciated friend. Funny how things work out like that, huh?

FAVORITE LINE TIME!- "Well I'm the seeker of...uhhh...what sounds cool...SOUP! Ugh, why would I say that?"

Look forward to next episode, Episode 10. It is certainly one of my favorites so far, and we have a special guest! If you want to be a special guest, email us at redsquirtle1@gmail.com. We still need a female voice for an upcoming episode in February. So if you just so happen to be female, and you want to be in an episode, shoot us an email! If we don't get anyone, we can't do the episode and we will have to skip it!

--Taco Man