As February flies by, here is a blog post

Hello everyone, how are you today? Did you enjoy the new years? Well onto last month's question, which was "Brock needs help! He needs to develop a new type of Pizza. Help give him some ideas!"...Okay so it wasn't really a question and it looks like no one wanted to help out Brock, he only got four responses

Logananimeguy says "Make a red pizza
Make the pizza the same shapes as Red's head and use the toppings as his face features" Brock loved this idea, but his boss didn't

Ryan says "the snorlax pizza. It's a pizza that's half as big as a Snorlax and has every single pizza topping ever on it." Brock's boss says too expensive to produce

B-rad says "because he is the master of rock, a viking, and he'll make you eat your sock, he would use rocks, a viking hat, and socks for his toppings. If you are the lucky person to be able to eat such a monstrosity you get the boulder badge" Brock's boss says it is easier to beat Brock in a battle than to eat this

Mongo says "make a Boulder Badge Pizza.
Same shape as boulder badge, covered in sausage to make it look greyish brownish.
Served with Earth Badge salad (it's a badge of a plant)." Brock's boss declined because it didn't include the Marsh badge

...well better luck next time.  Let's live text Taco Man and Master of Rock right now and see what they have to say.

Taco Man says "Hi and You are all awesome!"

Master of Rock says "HEY BOYS AND GIRLS, maestro of stone here. Uhmmmm I've never really written an update before, my mind is so blank.........bunnies.....Oh! I hope you all had a fine valentine's day! I stayed at home all day and gawked at a pretty women. Sigh. One of these days I'm going to get marrried. Boy is that frightening. And now a haiku: Birds fly so graceful Their beaks cut the air like swords. Woodpeckers scare me."

Also expect something interesting coming next month. What is it? well only time will tell!

So the question is....What did Red do on Valentines Day?