Hello June

Hello Red Squirtle fans! 7 days ago we finally released Episode 22: Something Smells...Fishy. Let's talk about it a bit. Yes the return of Fishy happened. Lots of hard work went into this episode, especially editing wise. Lot of sound effects were used. A lot of over dubbing were necessary to give the effect that a lot of magikarp were there. I hope you all liked that. One of my favorite magikarp is the one that yells "MAGIKAAAAARP" It is one of the most distinct magikarps yells. I really enjoyed what I call "16-bit metal." When Fishy evolves music from Yoshi's Island is played.

So for the first time, Growlithe tastes defeat which, up until this point, seemed impossible. Do not underestimate Fishy.Red then sends his Pikachu... that might not have been the best idea out there. Gets dragon raged in the face. Much like the anime, we make dragon rage waaaay more powerful than it is supposed to be. In the games it does 40 hp of damage....here it destroys EVERYTHING. Even the mighty Squirtle couldn't hold up against Fishy and Fishy beats Red...hard.

All in all, there really weren't too many things to discuss. I felt everything was self explanatory. I hope you all enjoyed the return of Fishy and I hope you all will be looking forward to the next episode. We are not sure when it will be released. It all depends on how many episodes we finish. We do have it recorded however.

Let's take a look at episode 30 predictions!

Brian said "I predict Episode 30 will be the 15 year anniversary of Red Squirtle" and to be honest doesn't sound too far off from what I think.

PAPAYA said "Red should be on his way to the Pokemon League by then, I think." Hm, if Red sprints I suppose

RSamp;amp;FGlover (as blogger puts it) said "I think Red will be trying to get the Seafoam Islands and realize that, somehow, by going through the sea route, in the place where Growlithe is weakest, Growlithe is struggling to keep his uber glitch. Should he fail, Growlithe loses his uber glitch and goes back to level 15! oh the suspense!!!" Interesting prediction there I have thought about seafoam and the powerplant. Don't you guys worry.

Waterboy11 said "Red finally meets a legendary but passes out and has to keep trying to catch it without fainting over and over." Again, I do have the legendary Pokemon in mind.

B-rad said "Red will make his way the the power plant, complain about how far out of the way it was, accidentally defeat zapdos but then joke about how it re appears when you walk back in! (at least I remember something like that, it's been awhile since I've played blue; maybe its when you run away and come back...)" and it wouldnt be complete without someone predicting Zapdos. Red will be going to all the areas where he could encounter a legendary.

As for a question this month How do you think Red will get back to Fuscia City?

Also I think I have a good idea what episode 30 will be about :D