And here rolls March

First I would like to say sorry we didn't have anything up yet, Taco Man had a lot of projects to do.  This month we will definitely have something up. I promise!

Next! lets go over the date question of February. How would a date between Red and Misty or Red and Erika be like?

This month got some very interesting responses, let us go!

B-rad thinks it'd be like this... "All I know is there would be a LOT of yelling and singing and Red would want to eat chocolate... lots of chocolate"
Twinkle twinkle little star...

Ryan says "Well, a date with Misty would probably end up in a huge argument on wheather the sun is yellow, or if it is in fact orange...........And a date with Erika, well, if Red was upset from the Pokemart selling drugs for Pokemon, it would end really badly, not to mention Red having to put up with Erika's "lovely" singing of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.....Red would probably have more fun with Brock."
Suggesting he'd like Brock more? that maybe a tad much

Annony thinks that "Since Misty is mad at Red for losing to him because of That Other Move and Erika thinks he is a one-year old, Red should bring his Pidgey with him since it has a lot of fury and can roast his opponent's onions easily if Misty wants revenge or if Erika starts annoying him by singing, that or he can fly away when he becomes bored after 5 seconds."
Honestly...I can see that happen

PAPAYA ponders "I have a hunch that both dates would end with a certain blue squirrel/turtle creature using a certain other move."
He thinks this would end in a complete disaster and...I could see that happening as well

James simply said "SO MUCH HORRIBLE NOISE"
I do agree

ComputerBug says "Huh, that's a thinker. I would say that Red would order the veal at a resturant on a date with Erika. Erika would then get mad at him for eating a baby Tauros and that would somehow turn into another parody of a game show where Brock would shave of all his hair, then kill Zapper so that he may be the host of "Veal or no Veal" (note: I am very messed up tonight). A date with Misty would probably end with both blood, starfish, beards, and oatmeal. GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY!"
....veal or no veal. Veal or no veal. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh I do love that pun

while finally Tolvan makes a prediction about the next episode

Great turn out for last month! It was very entertaining reading them all.

This month I ask something a little more serious. Would you like to see the blog more active and if so what kind of content would you like to see on the blog? Give me suggestions because I'd like to do more stuff relating to The Red Squirtle.