We released an episode!

Well its more like we released two. But yes, officially I have everything Red Squirtle related in my possession, including our library of sound effects. I hope not too much is different from how it used to be. So let's do some write ups, shall we? Let's begin with Episode H: Recapisode. As the name implies, I wanted to recap our entire story line thus far. We recorded this at the same time as we recorded Anniversary, Take 4. My plan (back then) was to get everything Red Squirtle and release this and episode 24 in October...but I couldn't get my hands on all the Red Squirtle stuff until just a week or two ago. As for the editin process of Recapisode, it was just a lot of finding music and trying to level audio to match Episode 23's volume. I hope this episode helped you catch up to what was happening in the series, in case you forgot anything. The sole reason why I wrote the episode in the first place is because of our lack of releasing anything.
Shall we move onto Episode 24? Because that has got a story to it! In my long term plans for the series, this episode was never supposed to exist. Next I would have essentially done Episode 25 in Episode 24's place. Why does this seemingly useless episode even exist then? Well it happened one night when Taco Man, Master of Rock, Royce, and I were all hanging out. During the night, we dropped off Royce and Master of Rock at their friends house and Taco Man and I left. On his way to drop me off, we got stopped by a cop. He asked what we were doing that late at night and Taco Man explained that we just dropped off a friend and he immediately questioned why we weren't with them. It was then I realized we had to joke about this. So that's where the first half of the episode comes from, the next half we decided to appeal to those who tried to buy a video game once but was not old enough. After writing the segment about the cop, I had to continue the uselessness of the episode. The only major thing in this episode happened at the last minute. What could this plan be?
Shall we move onto last month's question? Okay! Red is making his own winter holiday. How would he have people decorate their houses?

Ryan said "With big statues of himself.....and possibly Squirtle(s)....outside. He'd also have everyone put up stockings filled to the top with Chocolate Dunkaroos." Ya know, I wouldn't mind that because I like Dunkaroos a lot

Mongo said "Squirtle ice beams the word "Holidayyyy..." on the side of everyone's houses" I could see Red caring for this for about 3 houses then getting cold and going back

Finally,  B-Rad said "Simple: everyone has to dress up in yellow for a day. Think of St. Patrick's day, but with yellow!" So would I get pinched or water gunned for not wearing yellow?

Before we end off this post, I have a present for you! Bloopers!!!!!! Here are the bloopers for Anniversary, Take 4, Recapisode, and Episode 24: Rated (R)ed. Enjoy
Now as for this month's question, it is 2014 now and so, What is Red's New Years Resolution?

See everyone next month