Woah! October!

Hey guys! It's been a bit. Well lets start by looking at the question: What would Red's favorite Candy be? Let's review!

- I said he'd like Twix...I'm still not sure why
-  PAPAYA said Red would enjoy any kind of Easter treats because oh one of his thoughts "Think like a smart person...bunnies"(Episode 7)
- Waterboy11 said laffy taffy...but specifically Yellow laffy taffy
- ComputerBug said Chocolate Dunkaroos because of his awesome Halloween costume
- Anony said Anything yellow! That's quite a broad category
- Brian said Butterfingers with Heath Bar as a close second...he also seemed to be very secure about that answer

So onto news. We are attempting to release another episode either this month or November. Other than that, nothing else new is going on. Lets have a new question! You send Red a text message. He answers with "HEY HEY HEY HEY...no!" What did you send him? Be funny guys. I love reading answers.