July! + other cool things

Happy July 6th! So before we get into "other cool things" lets go over what you guys said for your favorite Brock moment! Mr. (or Mrs.) Anonymous1 mentioned Brock's famous pizza job. To this day I wonder why I decided to make Brock deliver pizza. PAYAPA said that he liked Brock in the Celedon City Gym. Game shows are a fun alternative to battles because battles are hard to do with an audio podcast sometimes. Next up we got Anonymous2 is, again, in the Celadon gym. Anony2 liked one of my favorite lines of the episode. So thumbs up to her/him. Gold mention 2 moments, one of them was my favorite, when Brock became a viking. While his favorite scene is in the episode in the Rock Tunnel, where both Red and Brock do they "Hello? is anyone there?" speech together. Next up Kelli mentioned an old episode, the Halloween episode. She happened to like the very beginning with Brock getting a door slammed in his face. Then Finally with Anony3 with the Cerulean Gym episode where Brock comes from nowhere and joins Red's Party.

Alright, glad to see we have some participants, it makes us all here very happy. So let's move onto something new! while updates may be slow on our end, there is something new you can massage your ears to while you wait. Red Squirtle Squad proudly presents Pokemon FireGold (http://pdafiregold.blogspot.com/). This is a podcast made by the creators of the anniversary episode. As of this post they have 2 episodes out and it follows the story of Gold and Silver.

If anyone else has any Pokemon/RS content they would like to share, just shoot me an email and I would love to mention you in the next post (but make sure you have actual content) I thinking about posting episodes on Youtube like FireGold did (as well as itunes) to try to expand our audience, so expect that soon

Next! Here's a new question. We've had this question in poll version a while back, but let's bring it up again. Who is your favorite character? For me it is Brock because of how crazy and optimistic he is. How about you guys?


..yup that's it

...okay fine! We have new stuff recorded, but it is in the editing process