Happy Holidays

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great Holiday season. Also did you catch the relaxing Episode H: By The Fire? It was released late last night and you all should listen to it, we all had fun recording it....okay now that you have listened to it, let's talk about it (normally I don't do this for Holiday episodes, but it's been a while since I did a write-up)

Our main goal for this was to create essentially a really relaxed radio show, nothing complex, nothing too loud. I initially came up with the idea of a radio show after I wrote the first segment, I thought "why not write another one.....and another one." With three short scripts, I decided to swing the idea of a radio show over by Taco Man. Instead of having three small individual episodes, we would combine them all and have little blurbs in between each. He liked it and later when Master of Rock found out, he also liked it. In between each segment was a small blurb by us. While recording it, we were also playing the sound of a fireplace. It made editing for Taco Man easier. These blurbs are completely unscripted, but still had order. We would talk in a circle, I would go, then Master of Rock would go, then Taco Man would go, then it would be back to me. We planned this out so everyone would introduce a segment and welcome everyone back from a segment. While it is unscripted, we did plan what we wanted to say, like the rhyming right before the first segment, the change of subject to the Christmas carols, or the stories of Christmas morning. We also wanted to do this to work on our unscripted skills because we tried an unscripted episode once and it didn't go well.

Our first segment was what I like to call the Dr. Seuss segment, since that was what I had in mind while writing all of these rhymes. The second segment was our big musical number and what called it, The 12 Days of Brockmas. I got the idea of this when I was in one of my boring classes. Every week I go to that class I need to do something to keep me awake, so that week I decided to write the 12 Days of Brockmas. I knew I had to start writing the entire song when I came up with the line "On the first day of Christmas my best friend got for me." My very original idea was to have Brock do the entire song, but when I got to the fourth day, I decided it would be a lot funnier if Red sang with him. I tweaked the song a bit and added Red to the mix. Later after I typed up the song, I needed to find a good instrumental of the song, I found a lot of instrumentals that liked doing their own thing and wasn't usable for my version. Luckily I did find one that was basic and slow Using that song, I made a few tweaks to the script and WAHLAH! we have the final product. When recording this segment, we each had headphones on while singing it. Even though I wasn't singing, I still had headphones on to make sure everything went right. The final segment, which I called Christmas Morning, happened to be the last I write. For this segment, I wanted to capture the excitement of Christmas morning from the perspective of Red, who essentially is a little boy. For the first and last segments, you may have noticed we opted out of using music from Pokemon, instead we went for 8-bit versions of other Christmas Carols. Taco Man told me it would ruin the flow if we used Pokemon music, so he found really cool 8-bit versions of Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Jingle Bell Rock and it really did make it flow better.

So enough of Christmas, let's go back to Thanksgiving. So what was Red thankful for? well...

ComputerBug said "Well let's see... I believe Red is thankful for pokemon, candy, holidays and, of course, the color yellow." Well he hit the jackpot. That is all stuff Red loves

AnGeRfUrY Walsh said "I think red is thankful for how easy blue is to beat. Also. I was listening to the episodes and in Pokemon tower blue actually does have a reason to be there. His raticate died... Because of red" and later said "Red is grateful for rainbows....yup. Rainbows and ice cream." Red should be thankful that Blue is easy. I sometimes found him hard in the games! and yes we are familiar with that theory, I love pokemon theories. I can also see Red being distracted by a rainbow...I wonder if he would try to eat the Vanillite family...

Ryan said "Squirtle(flangerhangendangendurgen), Squirtle(Pikachu), the color Yellow, Great Balls The sun being yellow(not orange), his "money machine", the fact that trix(or tricks) are for kids, that he has other people writing down what he's thankful for so he doesn't have to, that Squirtle finally mastered Ice Beam, his saw, and of course, BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" If I was Red in pokemonlandworld...Id be soo thankful for that saw, no one wants Cut.

Logananimeguy said "I know what red is thankful for its being able to barge into peoples houses kill their pokemon, that there are only 151 pokemon not 251, 493, or 649 pokemon, also he is thankful for messing up growlithe (but im sure he will ge for thankfulwhen he can fully understand it" and later said "Oh yeah i just remembered he is grateful for that he does not have toclimb a mountain in another region for another 3 years then get his a#$ kicked by gold (maybe)" When I told Red about the mountain he replied with"...what?"

Mongo said "Red is thankful for Squirtle's five star name, Pidgey, his name, the color yellow, running in circles, growlithe's über glitch, AMERICAAAaaa..., game shows, cities and islands gyms, his bi-CYCLE, that other move, getting' a glass of water, his show...... Oh and getting his special day off at the anniversary episode." I think he enjoyed his day off a whole lot! He needed it, we over work the poor guy.

B-Rad said "Red is thankful for his dead pidgey and his great friend brock"  Sorry...Red crossed that out...

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season and a great New Year. This remainder of the month's question is What poster would Red have hanging in his room? I look forward to all of your answers and have a great day!