Fine! I'll do it!

Hey everyone. Your pal Blue is here and I guess they want someone competent to do this blog post. Alright let's see here...Okay so apparently we have begun uploading old episodes to our youtube channel once again. So I guess subscribe to the channel or something.... Next...wait nothing else is written here...man you guys are lame. Okay I'll tell you all a story. So the other day I was eating lunch. I was having a chicken sandwich and a salad. I could hear this guy complaining about something a few tables down. Being an amazing and awesome citizen I am, I asked what was wrong. He was trying to decide what he should eat. I told him to get what I got sand he did and he loved it! I am the best at recommending!...You want me to review last month's question? oookay. Let's see...last month the question was...? Are you serious?! Fine. What is the best part about Red? Let's see how you all answered that and I hope you all answered honestly!!

B-rad said "The best part about Red is he is still 10 after 5 years of adventure" Five years? It's only been like two days.

Ryan said "Amazing stuff" Oh ha ha. Aren't you a comedian! and by the way Red isn't amazing.

Mongo said "The best part about Red is his ridiculous luck, especially when it comes to game-shows or competitions" I'd say that's the worst part! I don't know how he can beat me every time! I try hard! But what does he do? Get by with dumb luck!

Logananimeguy said "The best part of Red is his best way to handle any situation thrown his way, and probably if/when he faces mewtwo i'd expect him to throw a pokeball and catch first try with full health then catch Fishy with the master ball (Also hired as a Red Squirtle Writer, it's such an honor)" There's a two? When did that happen? Fishy? Who is that? And he doesn't handle situations well! He just somehow gets by! I do a better job...

That question was dumb! I got a better one for this month. What is the worst part about Red? Be brutal and honest! I can't wait to see your answers!

Smell you later,


Happy Thanksgiv- erm..wait, what?

Hey guys, it's your pal Red here. I figured I would write this notebook entry because I want to...nah let me try another reason. Because I'm cool. I like that one. So what am I supposed to do here?...Update them on what?... okay if you say so. Nothing has happened....okay now what?...what do you mean by flesh out the post? That sounds gross....What do you want me to say?...Okay I can say that! So according to the bosses, they will resume uploading episodes of my show to the Youtube channel! They'll be starting back up soon...okay now what?...more about the Youtube channel?...like what?...oh okay. So on our videos, we have bits of trivia pop up every now and then. So if you wanna know more about that episode, you can watch or something. Am I done now?...question? Why?...yeah I guess it could be fun.

Okay everyone! The question is what is the best part about me, Red? You all better answer with amazing stuff...oh and Squirtle says "Hi"

See you all whenever!



Happy five years!

Happy fifth year of Red Squirtle! You may notice something is off about this year's anniversary special...as in we don't have one prepared. You may have noticed that our episode output suddenly stopped. The biggest reason for that is our dear friend Master of Rock no longer lives in the same state as us. We have tried to do a recording over the internet, but we feel as if it didn't work as well as we want it to. We are now planning a get together to do a massive amount of recording. I'll be sure to let you know on our facebook page when we get all this recording done and I'll soon resume our schedule of an episode a month. I am anxious as well as you all must be.

Well that was a short update. Let's go over August's question of the month, which was "If Red caught the Articuno, what would he nickname it?"

Mongo said "As Articuno was a tough enemy to capture, Red would probably try to think smartly about its name, so naturally he'd be named "Bunny"." Red should think like a smart person more often if you ask my opinion.

Ryan said "He would name it Squirtle! By the way, I don't know if you guys heard about this, but there will be a fan made Mother 4 coming out this Winter!" Fun Fact! I have nearly trained myself to write Squirtle instead a Pikachu to now its pure instinct. I do remember hearing about this fan game a while back. I'm really happy to see it didn't fall apart or anything.

B-Rad said "Immediately I thought of this gem: Snow-ti-cono...rolls right off the tongue" I'm sure Master of Rock would appreciate this.

Finally, Logananimeguy said "Red would be Red and name Articuno, Blue not thinking about the fact he has a rival named Blue" When coming up with this question, this scenario immediately popped in my head. You're hired as a Red Squirtle writer!

Well that's what was going on. Red Squirtle is not cancelled by any means, just being delayed once more. Stay tuned for more information! No question this month ( I mean September is almost over)



End of Summer Update!

Hey guys....yeeeaaah I kinda skipped a month, BUT it is all okay! because I have stuff to say! Firstly, we have begun writing several episodes and plan to record them soon. I can't promise anything this month, but September we, of course, will have content once more. Let's move onto the write-up of Episode 28: I Met a Bird Once

I bet maybe a small percentage of you were wondering how we were going to handle the legendary pokemon. As you can see...or hear.... the term "legendary" really holds true to its name, people are unsure if they really do exist. Even Red was surprised to hear Articuno was real. In this episode, we tried to do a few new things, mainly the use of background noise. When Red is on the beach you can hear the ocean; before Red stopped the water current, you could hear the running water. I think it was a nice touch that can help immerse the listener. However, Red finds the legendary bird articuno and in the end, Red leaves the cave empty handed and heads toward a new island.

There is not too much to say about Episode 28. I definitely think it is one of our best sounding episodes to date and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do....But what's a write up without some bloopers? I've got some bloopers and they're quite hilarious. And here I present to you, Episode 28 Bloopers!!!

Back in the last post we asked, What Pokemon meat would taste the best? and we got quite the response! Let's go over them, shall we?

Ryan said "Probably Tepig. Everyone loves bacon......even Pokémon bacon." And later he found this 

I imagine that Tepig Bacon would be spicy...and I can appreciate that. I also wonder if the chef from that restaurant is Koga or even Janine...

Logananimeguy said "Miltank definitely, because nothing's better than a bacon double cheeseburger, eh Brock?" I see what you did there! Maybe we should talk over some jelly donuts.

B-rad said "Anorith, because i like shrimp" I mean, I like shrimp too, but this pokemon is a rock...

Mongo said "Grumpig. Psychic bacon." Psychic....bacon....? what kind of flavor is Psychic? Maybe it is sweet...ish...I don't know!

PAPAYA said "Some good ol' Hoothoot meat! That and some Farfetch'd meat. Any PokeBird meat, actually." I can dig some Pokepoultry!

That is it for this post. But I can't end it without another question! Let's go back to Articuno. If Red caught the Articuno, What would he nickname it?

I look forward to your answers! See you soon.



We finally did it.

Ladies and gentlemen, we at the Red Squirtle HQ have finally done what we thought would be the impossible. We have caught up on all of our recordings. There was a point in Red Squirtle History where we recorded often but didn't edit often enough. For the past 2 years we have had episodes 24 to 28 recorded but they didn't get edited til earlier this year. I am happy to say Episode 28 will be released on Wednesday the 18th. This is a momentous occasion for all of us and we are excited to write and record newer episodes. however that leads me to my next point. We might not have an episode ready for July because we have nothing backlogged, but none-the-less I will try to arrange a recording session. Last month we released Episode 27: A Fish Heaven and I have thins to say about that episode. First of all, I'm very excited that I no longer have to keep Koga a mystery. I was waiting for the day that we would release this episode because of how silly it is. I got the idea from defaulting to the food network on a number of occasions where I ask myself "What should I watch?" I quickly learned that I loved to watch Iron Chef and I had to put it into Red Squirtle when I found that the music from the show was uploaded online. If you listen to Koga's dishes toward the end of the episode they are all based on real fish dishes that I found online, including the dessert dish. We originally had another ending for this episode, but we changed it on a later date. This caused a whole mess in the editing part. If you listened to the episode you may have noticed that it sounded weird. It was very echo-y and I don't know what we did wrong. We might have sat far away from the mic or pointed it away from us. whatever we did we got a bad sound when we recorded the new ending, it sounded perfect, but if we mixed those two parts together, it would be jarring. If you want to find where the different part begins, it starts with Koga saying "Well you beat me". That's the only thing I am upset about with this episode, the bad audio quality. But whats in the past is in the past. Want some bloopers? We have a ton of bloopers.Hope you like Exeggcute and Exeggutor!

We also have another special for you our first (and maybe only) Haunted Red Squirtle. In editing, I thought I heard a ghost talking to us. Enjoy this little featurette.

Lastly, we have the trailer for  Episode 28! Which, as mentioned earlier, is coming our this Wednesday. Enjoy!

Tons of blog exclusive content today! Lastly, let us go over last month's question which was a general opinion of the new pokemon remakes Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Mongo said "With Ruby being the first pokemon game I actually knew what I was doing when I played it, (I did play Yellow, but I was just messing around and didn't know how to save) they shall be AMAZING. (Or ELSE.) That's really all I can say as we have NO info on the game so far..." Well since this question  we have recieved a little bit more information

Ryan said "I am really looking forward to the new mega evolutions..........Mega Pelipper anyone?? My fingers are crossed even though it won't happen. I'm really excited for the remakes though, and I can't wait to see the changes they make, and the new mega evolutions BTW, I did finally get my perfect, shiny Clawitzer. Along with a perfect, shiny, Pelipper, Quagsire, Gyarados, and Qwilfish. :-D" I'm just gonna call you Shiny Ryan...or Pink Gold Ryan. Anyway, my one friend is also hoping for a mega evolution of Pelipper.

B-rad said "I love me some gen 3, played the crap out of emerald and sapphire. Blaziken is my boy! Absol and Latios are also pretty fly. In short, TAKE MY MONEY NINTENDO" Trust me after what happened this week at E3. I aslo agree with that last statement.

As for this month, What pokemone meat would taste the best? Since we just had an episode about cooking Magikarps. What other meat would be delicious?

See you all soon.



May you have a nice day!

See what I did there?..anyway Hello everyone and welcome to the blog. If this is your first visit. A special hello to you. So you may be wondering when you are getting episode 27...well I say you'll get it on the 19th! To celebrate this wonderful occasion I brought you all a trailer!

This was definitely a tough one to edit...for multiple reasons, but I'll get into that another time. Also in Red Squirtle news, we may be having a Red Radio soon due to the new Pokemon announcement... yeah you all know the one. Also, shame on me for not uploading the Episode 26 bloopers. Here you guys go!

Let us now look at last month's question with it's only answer! What would you rather have the safari zone give away besides HM03?

And the star of this month, Ryan, said "XD Those puns are Chesnaught funny(I actually started cracking up when I saw the Hypno one) How about a Thunder Stone so Red could actually evolve Pikachu?......or a 31 IV Modest, shiny, Clauncher so I can finally be finished with the Masuda Method. Lol. Whichever works" hmmm I feel a sense of personal problems with this answer....also good luck getting a perfect and shiny Clauncher...I don't think they give those away.

So keeping topical with this month, What is your opinion on the new pokemon remakes? I can't wait to read them! See you sometime soon



April Fools!

...okay not really. Hello everybody, enjoying the good weather? I sure am! Any who last month we released Episode 26: Gimme a Chance. Unlike last episode, this one had a waaay easier name to come up with. How could we resist the pun. In this episode we wondered, what causes the player to go back to the entrance of the safari zone when you used up all of your steps. We figured there must be a moderator of some sort making sure people like Red don't ignore the rules. Like with every HM in this series, the special prize of the safari zone is utterly useless. Perhaps the safari zone should make the prize a nugget or like a porygon or something. At the end of the episode we teased the next gym leader (FINALLY) and I hope you guys are looking forward to it.

That brings me to my next topic, Episode 27. I regrettably announce that I will not be able to get it out this month. I have said many times before to various people, April is the worst month in terms of school. I will try to get a trailer down the line this month so you can geta  feel what you are in for with Koga. Well shall we move onto March's Question? Yes, yes we will. March's question was How does Brock celebrate his St. Patrick's day? Small turnout this time, perhaps it was the odd question

Ryan said "He makes his own 3 leaf clovers in celebration of this day. It is a tradition passed down in his family for generations....He takes a leaf off of a 4 leaf clover, and glues it on to a 2 leaf clover. That way, he's hitting two Pidgey with one Geodude....that joke was Onixpectedly bad. I should be aShaymined of myself." Don't feel bad. It made me laugh. I laughed so much that my Hypno longer feels good...eh I tried

B-rad said "Brock would celebrate st patty's day by sitting at home babysitting all his little brothers and sister and he would eat the really nice wal-mart festive sugar cookies" That's kinda sweet. I hope Brock did that and didn't deliver Pizza's

As for this month's question, What would you rather have the safari zone give away besides HM03?

Enjoy your April (cause I sure am trying)



Happy March!

Hey everyone, have you been enjoying this March? I have not, it has been way too cold here. Without further ado, last month we released Episode 25: Caged. Just Caged. I hope you all enjoyed Red's adventure through the Fuchsia Zoo. I had a blast playing around with this episode, having the section with the super computer and all. One of the biggest problems we faced with this episode was naming it. We could not think of a good name. Taco Man and I were talking about this for a good while. We wanted to include something about either cages or zoos. We kept running into the problem of spoiling the ending in the title. Here are some of the titles we came up with "Free Fuchsians", "Jail but not a Jail", "Freebird", "A Day with Cages", and I'll let Taco Man's final message about the name explain it all " How about...Caged. Just Caged. Or even better, "Caged. Just Caged" And that's how that name came to be.  Also in the beginning you may have noticed that Red didn't use his saw he got...whoopsies. This episode must have been written a long time after that one, but hey maybe he will remember he has one. One last thing I'll talk about regarding this episode is the character Erik...not the viking but NPC Red talked to. In the game, they did actually name him. I thought this was so bizarre, we had to include this in the episode. Anyway, if you have not listen to Episode 25, Caged. Just Caged I do recommend it as it is important to understand Episode 26.

Wait a second...did I just say Episode 26? Oh yeah I did! You can expect Episode 26 next week on the 24th! To prep you, here is a trailer.

Next, we have the silly question I asked last month which was Who would you ship? I gave my answer in the post, lets see what some of you have to say.

Ryan said "If you break the law, we break you. XD I would ship the man from the Pokemart and Misty just because both have HUGE anger issues. Lol." Now are you sure they wouldn't get into huge fights all the time and eventually break up? Thats my issue with your theory! BOOYAH Discredited!

B-rad said "01110010 01100101 01100100 01100100 01100101 01110010 01100101 01100100 01110010 01100101 01100101 01100101 01110010 01100100 01100101 00001101 00001010" Now being a totally hacker filled person I could totally translate this and totally not use a website to do it for me. Anyways it seems to say "redderedreeerde" Reminds me of Red's license.

Brian said "I'd have to go with red and the color yellow. Or maybe Lary and squirtle." I do agree Larry and squirtle are so meant for eachother. They are so similar in so many ways it is like theyre the same person!

Logananimeguy said "Definitely Pidgey and fishy they would make a lovely couple" I don't know, I'm still rooting for Squirtle and Pidgey.

So I hear you guys like bloopers! Have some for Episode 25

Here is March's question! How does Brock celebrate his St. Patrick's Day?

Be creative and I'll see you next month!



The Return of the Trailers

On the next phase of bringing Red Squirtle back to its golden days, I'll be bringing back trailers for new episodes. But before we go to that, lets review our two comments about Red's New Years Resolution.

Ryan said "To use Pidgey more often.......and take back his Magikarp so he can get a mega Gyarados(even though this is only 1st gen). I love that thing!" Red has a pidgey? Oh yeah! Almost forgot.

Mongo said "Red's new years resolution? To get better at avoiding Brock, because to be honest, he's pretty bad at it. Although when they meet it's hilarious, so I hope he fails to keep it." They do always seem to run into eachother.

That's all for January's question.  As the trailer implies, Expect the new episode sometime next week. For reasons I can't say, I'm glad we are returning to a schedule with these next few episodes. You will see in the coming episodes. Without further ado, here is our new trailer.

Look forward to that, and I believe this wraps up this month's post. So as for this months question...it is February and that has valentines day so let's ship Red Squirtle characters. Who would you ship? I would ship Squirtle and Pidgey. They have been showing some subtle love throughout the entire series and I think its about time to let that relationship flourish. Remember Episode 34 when Squirtle and Pidgey had that small alone time? That conversation sold me on them.

See you for the write up



We released an episode!

Well its more like we released two. But yes, officially I have everything Red Squirtle related in my possession, including our library of sound effects. I hope not too much is different from how it used to be. So let's do some write ups, shall we? Let's begin with Episode H: Recapisode. As the name implies, I wanted to recap our entire story line thus far. We recorded this at the same time as we recorded Anniversary, Take 4. My plan (back then) was to get everything Red Squirtle and release this and episode 24 in October...but I couldn't get my hands on all the Red Squirtle stuff until just a week or two ago. As for the editin process of Recapisode, it was just a lot of finding music and trying to level audio to match Episode 23's volume. I hope this episode helped you catch up to what was happening in the series, in case you forgot anything. The sole reason why I wrote the episode in the first place is because of our lack of releasing anything.
Shall we move onto Episode 24? Because that has got a story to it! In my long term plans for the series, this episode was never supposed to exist. Next I would have essentially done Episode 25 in Episode 24's place. Why does this seemingly useless episode even exist then? Well it happened one night when Taco Man, Master of Rock, Royce, and I were all hanging out. During the night, we dropped off Royce and Master of Rock at their friends house and Taco Man and I left. On his way to drop me off, we got stopped by a cop. He asked what we were doing that late at night and Taco Man explained that we just dropped off a friend and he immediately questioned why we weren't with them. It was then I realized we had to joke about this. So that's where the first half of the episode comes from, the next half we decided to appeal to those who tried to buy a video game once but was not old enough. After writing the segment about the cop, I had to continue the uselessness of the episode. The only major thing in this episode happened at the last minute. What could this plan be?
Shall we move onto last month's question? Okay! Red is making his own winter holiday. How would he have people decorate their houses?

Ryan said "With big statues of himself.....and possibly Squirtle(s)....outside. He'd also have everyone put up stockings filled to the top with Chocolate Dunkaroos." Ya know, I wouldn't mind that because I like Dunkaroos a lot

Mongo said "Squirtle ice beams the word "Holidayyyy..." on the side of everyone's houses" I could see Red caring for this for about 3 houses then getting cold and going back

Finally,  B-Rad said "Simple: everyone has to dress up in yellow for a day. Think of St. Patrick's day, but with yellow!" So would I get pinched or water gunned for not wearing yellow?

Before we end off this post, I have a present for you! Bloopers!!!!!! Here are the bloopers for Anniversary, Take 4, Recapisode, and Episode 24: Rated (R)ed. Enjoy
Now as for this month's question, it is 2014 now and so, What is Red's New Years Resolution?

See everyone next month