Episode 3 is up!

This is one of my favorite episodes. To begin with this post I think we should address the...kinda graphic beginning...yes it's graphically hilarious that a guy was doing that part. Yes, we forced Master of Rock to do that part. Later he said that doing that part was the most awkward things he had ever done. Later after we see fishy completely FAIL in battle, Red gets rid of the poor fish and Red says

" Now I'm gonna click your name....then press ALT F4....bye poopy face"

...We had to redo that line because Taco-man said

"Now I'm gonna click your name....then press ALT 4F....bye poopy face"

After the happy Mother 3 music we used to go through the cave, Red encountered an old, lost man. Before recording this episode, I added this part in without telling the other two. Normally we do a read through before recording, but this time we didn't. So only I knew what about that part. So when we got to this part...(Lost is the old man btw)

Lost-if only I had an escape rope

Red- you mean the one right next to you?

Lost-...oh...that's an escape rope....

Red- what did you think it was?

Lost-....dried bananas

Master of Rock and Taco man started to crack up because of the interesting food choice I chose. I was considering a few different foods. They happen to be, Alligator on a stick, cow brains, and dried bananas....as you can see I went with dried bananas. The reason? I dunno, I guess it looked the most like a rope if you chain them together. Later in the episode when we meet the guy with the paris, you may noticed that we named him Snarf. Why may come across your mind. Well because Master of Rock likes Snarf from ThunderCats.

Come back this friday for a trailer for the episode 4.


Great things to come

Recently we have been editing future episodes and real nice things are coming out of it, so a few episodes from now out editing will be top notch!