We need an extra week

Hey guys, Alex here. We need an extra week to work on The Red Squirtle. I've been having an epic case of writter's block and just barely finished WRITING it yesterday. The trailer we posted was just lines we recorded for the trailer. We actually have nothing but the script and the trailer done. So in two weeks expect episode 15 up. While you wait, I'll post various random crap over the weeks to haul you over...to begin, I'll start a new poll. Here's the results for the last one and I must say it was very....lacking

Only 8 votes? granted it wasn't up long , but the first poll had like 20 something votes. Perhaps we need to make more blog ads in the actual episodes. Now we move onto the new poll. Red recently got an Eevee. If he had a clue about evolution, what do you think he would evolve his Eevee into?Vaporeon? Jolteon? Flareon?


Episode 14: Saucy!

Saucy! With the ! after it. We begin with solving a plot hole....then suddenly we get serious (probably the first time ever). But then it ends up not being serious at all. Hmm...a serious show about pokemon....that would be interesting. Later when Red goes into the name rater. He rates him kinda a random number....yeah I chose it at random. BTW Squirtle is a lot easier to type than Flanger Hanger Daggur Durgen. Later Red decides to go back to the pokemon tower....again. If you listen closely. The ghost screams


Hmmm wonder why ;) This time we don't invade Red's dream like we did in Green Dream, instead he wakes up outside the tower again. Then he sees the pathway to Celadon City and decides to go that way. Red then travels to the Celadon Mansion. 1st floor is the Manager Suite if you couldn't tell by Red's mispronunciation. 2nd Floor we make fun of what we have to record...and it is literally an old computer and a microphone. Then Red stumbles onto...the future. Too bad he didn't say much about what was gonna happen. 3rd floor is our meeting room where we act as ourselves. Since I have power, I somehow got professor Oak here to help out Red. Then Red travels to the back of the Mansion where he learns about the complex trading system coughcoughgivingeachotherthepokeballscoughhack . Then Red gets a brand new pokemon, Eevee. Red then gets into a battle and learns that she is not all that...obedient. Infact you could she is a little...Saucy. Get it! That's why we named it Saucy. WE ARE FUNNY PEOPLE....anywho in the middle opf the battle Red invites 3 people over to randomly sing...don't we all do that? If you are wonder, we didn't write it, we just replaced the words. It's a barbershop tag called "Smile" and it's very easy to learn and fun to sing. I hope you guys enjoyed it...even though Taco Man did make Red's singing voice...kinda...not that great. So in the end, Red wins with Eevee not listening to a single command from him.

FAVORITE LINE TIME- Red- I'll assume that's a yes
His line before that was "Hi Ghastly, Can I get through please?" followed by a "GET OUT"

We might need an extra week to finish 15. Can't tell you why, but you would understand when we released it. If we don't get around releasing it, I'll throw in a little bonus.
But for now bye bye.