Happy Thanksgiv- erm..wait, what?

Hey guys, it's your pal Red here. I figured I would write this notebook entry because I want to...nah let me try another reason. Because I'm cool. I like that one. So what am I supposed to do here?...Update them on what?... okay if you say so. Nothing has happened....okay now what?...what do you mean by flesh out the post? That sounds gross....What do you want me to say?...Okay I can say that! So according to the bosses, they will resume uploading episodes of my show to the Youtube channel! They'll be starting back up soon...okay now what?...more about the Youtube channel?...like what?...oh okay. So on our videos, we have bits of trivia pop up every now and then. So if you wanna know more about that episode, you can watch or something. Am I done now?...question? Why?...yeah I guess it could be fun.

Okay everyone! The question is what is the best part about me, Red? You all better answer with amazing stuff...oh and Squirtle says "Hi"

See you all whenever!