Happy March!

Hey everyone, have you been enjoying this March? I have not, it has been way too cold here. Without further ado, last month we released Episode 25: Caged. Just Caged. I hope you all enjoyed Red's adventure through the Fuchsia Zoo. I had a blast playing around with this episode, having the section with the super computer and all. One of the biggest problems we faced with this episode was naming it. We could not think of a good name. Taco Man and I were talking about this for a good while. We wanted to include something about either cages or zoos. We kept running into the problem of spoiling the ending in the title. Here are some of the titles we came up with "Free Fuchsians", "Jail but not a Jail", "Freebird", "A Day with Cages", and I'll let Taco Man's final message about the name explain it all " How about...Caged. Just Caged. Or even better, "Caged. Just Caged" And that's how that name came to be.  Also in the beginning you may have noticed that Red didn't use his saw he got...whoopsies. This episode must have been written a long time after that one, but hey maybe he will remember he has one. One last thing I'll talk about regarding this episode is the character Erik...not the viking but NPC Red talked to. In the game, they did actually name him. I thought this was so bizarre, we had to include this in the episode. Anyway, if you have not listen to Episode 25, Caged. Just Caged I do recommend it as it is important to understand Episode 26.

Wait a second...did I just say Episode 26? Oh yeah I did! You can expect Episode 26 next week on the 24th! To prep you, here is a trailer.

Next, we have the silly question I asked last month which was Who would you ship? I gave my answer in the post, lets see what some of you have to say.

Ryan said "If you break the law, we break you. XD I would ship the man from the Pokemart and Misty just because both have HUGE anger issues. Lol." Now are you sure they wouldn't get into huge fights all the time and eventually break up? Thats my issue with your theory! BOOYAH Discredited!

B-rad said "01110010 01100101 01100100 01100100 01100101 01110010 01100101 01100100 01110010 01100101 01100101 01100101 01110010 01100100 01100101 00001101 00001010" Now being a totally hacker filled person I could totally translate this and totally not use a website to do it for me. Anyways it seems to say "redderedreeerde" Reminds me of Red's license.

Brian said "I'd have to go with red and the color yellow. Or maybe Lary and squirtle." I do agree Larry and squirtle are so meant for eachother. They are so similar in so many ways it is like theyre the same person!

Logananimeguy said "Definitely Pidgey and fishy they would make a lovely couple" I don't know, I'm still rooting for Squirtle and Pidgey.

So I hear you guys like bloopers! Have some for Episode 25

Here is March's question! How does Brock celebrate his St. Patrick's Day?

Be creative and I'll see you next month!