July...no wait August!

Hello everyone, first of all sorry for no July post. I guess I got a bit lazy heh heh. Besides the point, I'm back writing for you guys and giving a small update. As you may notice our summer progress bar is slowly moving and we might not reach our full goal by the end of august like we wanted to, but we'll try to get as much done. This summer turned out to be a lot busier than we anticipated. What I originally wanted to do with the July post was do something with all of your answers, but we couldn't finish it in time. Perhaps one day we'll get around to that.  Well, let's review last post's question of How do you think Red will get back to Fuscia City?...well more like actually get to it because technically he never made it there.

Mongo said "Knowing you guys you won't let him take the easy way and fly to lavender town and then bike the rest of the way, no too easy. I predict that episode will basicly be a montage (well, audio montage) of caves, zubats, the gym leaders, Brock, yelling, battling, a game show or two maybe, more Brock... Poor red, bikers, biking/crashing and lastly... A 'Ghastly Attack'!!!"

When I read that I thought it would be really funny to either take clips from older episodes or just take all the episodes in between and fast forward it by x1000000

Waterboy11 said "............ Growlithe is gonna grow wings and fly him there:)"

Yup, i could see growlithe doing that, but would Red think of that?

Ryan said "I hope Red re-catches fishy, surfs to the Power Plant, catches Zapdos, and flys back"

Wouldn't Red be quite the powerful trainer with those two at his side? That would make for one interesting episode. Episode 23: The Day I Caught a Fish and a Bird

PAPAYA said "A familiar person arrives in a car. He notices Red seems down. He asks Red what's wrong. Red says that he has to go all the way back to Lavender to reach Fuscia for losing to Fishy. The man then tells him that this car will give him a chance to correct his mistakes if he reaches a certain number of miles an hour. Red does so and finds himself back in the battle with Fishy. This time, Red adjusts to Fishy's tactics and wins, thus never going back to the PokeCenter next to Mt. Moon."

hm....this sounds a bit familiar, but I would never want to see Red drive a car.

Logananimeguy said " Red uses a dead pidgey to fly over Mt. Moon and he finds his bike he ask's a person to teach him he quickly learns how then he barrels through Rock Tunnel the goes to Celadon city and in the dead of night Red goes to an empty cycling road he goes down it then arrives in fuschia city vowing to capture Fishy in his next encounter"

Ah yes the logic of pokemon games. Even though the pokemon is knocked out, you can still use it to fly. Everytime I read this response I always get a cinematic picture in my head of Red biking through a city with a full moon lingering above his head.

B-rad said "How will Red get to fuscia city? Obviously he will see Ho-Oh and then ask for a ride back!"


Matt said "Obviously, he will happen by all the legendaries having their annual MT.moon picnic, and the something ridiculous happens, ending in him miraculously/illogically arriving in Fusia, with no memory of the event, or clothes. Hey, legendary pokemon need clothing too!

Yeah, its totally either that, or he walks/flies..."

Either the Hangover happens or he just walks. If I had a choice to write either that one or the other, I think the episode would end up being called Episode 23: The Legendary Party

Thank you all for the numerous responses. We all love reading them. Now that summer is coming to an end, let's throw a school related question for you all. It's 9:57 A.M. School starts at 10:00 A.M.  Red forgot to do his homework and has to solve the problem: Find x. 2x=6. He doesn't have enough time to think about it. What will he write down for his answer?

Alrighty then. See you all soon.