Red Squirtle Episode 6 Trailer


Here is the trailer for episode 6, which will be up next friday! This episode will be quite interesting, and Red finally faces Misty! Also, we will be starting a new segment soon, so don't think Red is getting all of the spotlight!

Oh, confused about the trailer? Alex came up with the idea. We just couldn't resist, since there are so many different variations of "what" in episode 6. Most of the episode will also make you say it too...a little more than usual.

--Taco Man


Episode 5 is up!

Oh boy......this episode was certainly an adventure. As you may have noticed, there isn't a jail in pokemon red/blue. So this is our first completely original episode! and as you saw, I went crazy with some of the things I put into it....Lets begin with the shattering of the fourth wall when Red says

"Why is this song so over played"

I thought that doing that would be fun. As you can see....I had a reason for all of those deaths, because I wanted Red to go to jail. Let's move onto the officer. When the officer was calculating the amount of deaths, master of rock improvised the math equation...little did he know he said

" sqaure root of 25 divided by 5"

...I hope he knows that the answer to that is 1 -_-....moving on. The main reason I wrote this episode is because I wanted to have Red adventure with a few people instead of his squirtle....that only says squirtle. When Red was crying and saying stuff like


you probably noticed that the music was not from pokemon.... It was from The World Ends With You, a very fun DS game. This is also the beginning of sound effects to be used regularly. We also edited onix's roar from the first episode. The Dr. Seus rhyme was written during school in about a minute....yea I'm a freakin' poet. The Lines...

Red- They do not have wings

Brock- But indeed they do have fins

Red- How does this help us

sound very...anime like and was completely by accident, but it sounds cool...When the creepy guy sends out the magikarps, we had to (obviously) pre-record that...we recorded 5 different tracks with each having 3 different voices. During that recording in the middle somewhere I said

"Karping Magic"

If you can find it...congrats me fellow/fella...oh and at the end I sing


hehe :D. I love the whole break the targets thing...it was so much fun to do. It is revieled in this episode that Red has no education!!!! The argument is completely improvised to...that was also fun to do...I loved this entire episode! The second poem was also written in like a minute...yea I'm naturally gifted...oh if anyone has a sand symbol...i want to see it.

Time to count the Legend of Zelda references...lets see...2! Yay!...I love how Brock happens to have an ocarina of time on him. During the writ ting of this episode I was playing lots of Phantom Hourglass...so I HAD to include some sorta reference. I also like to note that they are in a pretty luxurious jail if they have an air conditioner.


"Oh crap a big hole"


During the death of the police man...I was cracking up...I was glad I was not in that part. You may be wondering what professor oak was going through...well I don't know either all we know is that he came through the target room and grabbed Red's pikachu.

Come back this Friday for a trailer for episode 6...also...do I smell a holiday coming? hmmmm ;)