Squirtles Inaugural Address, plus other exciting media!

So, as promised here is our surprise: an Inaugural Address by none other than the newly elected president of Kanto, Squirtle!
I hope you enjoy it. It's the first thing I have recorded and edited in a while, so I might be a little rusty. ^.^' We also have another little tidbit of media for you guys. Remember way back in Episode 6: The Dragon Gym? Remember the winning move Squirtle used? "That Other Move"? Well, we originally recorded that with no intention on what it would actually look like, but then I had a great idea on what it could be. So I put together this picture for you all...

But I have saved the biggest, juiciest piece of news for last! The Red Squirtle now has its own You Tube channel! As of right now, we have one video (well, more of a montage of pictures), but more will come eventually.

Rest assured that if any videos are uploaded, we will notify you of it here on the blog.

New poll / hiatus update

Alright guys. Next month is the big month! I am very excited, Taco Man is very excited, and Master of Rock is very excited. We are all thrilled to finally release new Red Squirtle episodes! Before I move on, here is the results for November's poll

I found the results a little shocking. First of all....none of you should ever vote if your would elect a turtle :p and second. Oak was very close to Red. Red usually always sweeps the board, but not this time. Also Blue comes in dead last with my vote...poor guy. Anyways we promised a surprise and it will be coming very shortly. Let's move onto the exact break of the hiatus. We will officially break it January 1st at around midnight! Then on Friday the 7th, we will be releasing the next episode and our schedule will be going back to normal from there (1 episode every 2 weeks). Finally...since the mess of episode 19, we can go back to normal (I will explain more of that when I do the write up for 19) Anywho, I hope that gets you excited like us.

So....poll! Of course we have a new poll for you all! This one asks "What do you think will happen in episode 19?" The options are: Red meets a new person, Red gets a new pokemon, Red's eevee continues to annoy him, or Red does something stupid. Pick your choice and maybe you'll be right. I can't wait til the first of 2011. See you then!