Happy October!

Hello everyone. I hope you liked the anniversary episode. We had a fun time recording it. We also alluding to the fact that The Red Squirtle is just a show and Red and the cast are just actors. On to Red Squirtle news. We have the next episode in the works and we will try to get it out by the end of the month. Also remember to check out Pokemon Firegold and their adventures through the gold and silver series. Okay time to pass it over to Brock....take it away Brock


HELLO FRIENDS! I'm Brock! What's your name?...oh wait you can't respond to me... But you did leave me questions! So let's dive right into that!

My buddy Ryan asked "Hey, Brock, I have 2 questions. I'm the master of water, so I know what skill is necessary to be the master of an element. However, you have no skill whatsoever, and you lose every battle, yet you call yourself the master of rock. Do all other rock users somehow battle worse than you, or are you the only rock type user? Also, have you ever actually made anyone eat a sock?"

Umm well.... being funny story about the master of rock thing.... I umm...well made it up. I didn't think anyone was the master of an element! I'm sorry! As for the sock thing....no...BUT i fed myself a sock once! does that count?!...okay next question

My pal Logananimeguy asked "Brock aisde from Red what is your favorite thing in Kanto and how do you get from place to place so fast all you have is a graveler and a onix you don't have a flying type or psychic type?"

My favorite thing in Kanto (besides my best buddy Red) is how crime free and loving the entire country is! As for the transportation, I use a few different methods. Sometimes I use my Onix to dig tunnels. Sometimes I walk. Sometimes I hitch a ride with someone going to that area. How ever I've been saving my money for something really nice! I hope to get it soon.

My friend ComputerBug asked "What specials do you have this month at that pizza restaurant of which you work?"

This month we have spooky themed foods! We have Orange Pizza with ghastly sauce, which is just something a little spicy. We also have "Cursed" fries, which is just chili and cheese and some ghostly hot sauce. We are also working on the Trick or Treat Pie, which will be a dessert Pizza with marshmallows, candy corn, and strawberries! It's very very yummy!

My good chum Brian asked "What's your favorite kind of sauce?"

This is a tough one.... I really like the tomato-y taste of ember sauce. I really like the spice of flamethrower sauce. I love the basil filled razor leaf sauce. oooh the choice is hard.....I choose all of them!

My mate Dylan asked "Why do you keep following red when he obviously does not want to be your best friend?"

Wha-? Why are you lying to me? Me and Red are obviously best buddies., He just...has a odd sense of humor! Thats all!!...next question I hope this next one cheers me up

My comrade Mongo asked "So Brock, hmm where to begin? Why do you want 'revenge' on Red? Why do you think you're still a Viking if they do t care about you? 'Climbed a mountain in Johto and never came back'? What's a Johto? Are you manager at Snorlax Pizzashop? Why did you end up in jail with Red? How come you can't open your eyes? Are they glued shut with stucco? Or are you just blind? Why do you want to be Red's friend if he obviously hates you? That is all. Have a good day"

Woah...that's a lot of questions. I wanted revenge because that night all I was thinking was about our battle...it didn't feel justified because I did nothing! Maybe I should have used the word rematch...
I knew it began with an R.I though i was a Viking because....umm I dunno. They gave me a pokemon! That's like viking initiation or something. Well Johto is another region and I thought Red got lost there!! No....I'm not a manager.... Well to make more money I started a baseball league and boys and girls look so alike. Because they were so young I was helping them put thier uniforms on and someone thought something else and well...I ended up in jail....My eyes were never able to open... It is kinda like I have my eye lids sewed down or something. I hope one day to fix that. What is stucco? RED DOESN'T HATE ME! HE DOESN'T...oh sorry...I didn't mean to yell. He just has his own sense of humor! He does not, I repeat, DOES NOT hate me....have a good day too.

My bro PAPAYA asked "Hello, Brock! Who is your daddy, and what does he do? Don't you ever get tired of giving out SO many badges daily? What's your biggest pet peeve? Who's your favorite Pokemon? And, what are your thoughts on the rumors that, in Lavender Town, there is a crazy, deranged, meat-craving freak who challenges Red to a battle and, with the help of his Muk, Gengar, and two White Hand Pokemon things, wins the battle and brutalizes Red in a very horrifying image with a caption on the bottom that reads "GAME OVER"?

P.S. Carl still wants his Snorlax Pizza Man deal that you discussed with him earlier this year."

My dad? He was once the gym leader at Pewter city. He went off to do bigger and better things or so he said...Well not completly, handing out badges isnt a terrible thing...just I always run out of them...My biggest pet peeve is when someone is not nice to Red. I can't stand it! Everyone should be nice to him! My favorite pokemon is Zubat because everyone loves zubats!...what? WHAT?! I HAVE TO GO SAVE HIM FROM THAT! OOHHH I HOPE IM NOT TOO LATE! I kinda dont get the caption thing but I have to save him!........I just ran to Lavender town and back...they said its not real and I should stop believing everything I hear... Carl should come to the Pizza bed and get it! I'll be glad to give him some pizza.

My amigo ComputerBug..again! asked "OH! Also, what toppings would you recommend.

P.S. GamerGuyMan says hi."

My favorite topping is Venasaur buds. They had a nice flavor that compliments the pizza well. Also good are chansey eggs. It is hard to describe the taste but trust me it is good. Hello GamerGuyMan!!

Finally, my companion AnGeRfUrY asked "Hi Brock. What do you think of blue? Will you be my friend? I'm the master of leaf types does that mean if I punch you it will be super effective? Is red really your best friend? From AnGeRfUrY"

Blue seems like a nice guy, a little sour at times, but I think he has a great big heart! YEAH I'LL BE YOUR FRIEND :D Well...I'm not made of rock so it'll just hurt. Red is really my best friend! HOW CLEAR DO I NEED TO MAKE IT?! We are the best of friends!

Thank you guys for the awesome questions! For this month I'm wondering What should I, Brock, Be for Halloween! Let me know because I need an idea!