We finally did it.

Ladies and gentlemen, we at the Red Squirtle HQ have finally done what we thought would be the impossible. We have caught up on all of our recordings. There was a point in Red Squirtle History where we recorded often but didn't edit often enough. For the past 2 years we have had episodes 24 to 28 recorded but they didn't get edited til earlier this year. I am happy to say Episode 28 will be released on Wednesday the 18th. This is a momentous occasion for all of us and we are excited to write and record newer episodes. however that leads me to my next point. We might not have an episode ready for July because we have nothing backlogged, but none-the-less I will try to arrange a recording session. Last month we released Episode 27: A Fish Heaven and I have thins to say about that episode. First of all, I'm very excited that I no longer have to keep Koga a mystery. I was waiting for the day that we would release this episode because of how silly it is. I got the idea from defaulting to the food network on a number of occasions where I ask myself "What should I watch?" I quickly learned that I loved to watch Iron Chef and I had to put it into Red Squirtle when I found that the music from the show was uploaded online. If you listen to Koga's dishes toward the end of the episode they are all based on real fish dishes that I found online, including the dessert dish. We originally had another ending for this episode, but we changed it on a later date. This caused a whole mess in the editing part. If you listened to the episode you may have noticed that it sounded weird. It was very echo-y and I don't know what we did wrong. We might have sat far away from the mic or pointed it away from us. whatever we did we got a bad sound when we recorded the new ending, it sounded perfect, but if we mixed those two parts together, it would be jarring. If you want to find where the different part begins, it starts with Koga saying "Well you beat me". That's the only thing I am upset about with this episode, the bad audio quality. But whats in the past is in the past. Want some bloopers? We have a ton of bloopers.Hope you like Exeggcute and Exeggutor!

We also have another special for you our first (and maybe only) Haunted Red Squirtle. In editing, I thought I heard a ghost talking to us. Enjoy this little featurette.

Lastly, we have the trailer for  Episode 28! Which, as mentioned earlier, is coming our this Wednesday. Enjoy!

Tons of blog exclusive content today! Lastly, let us go over last month's question which was a general opinion of the new pokemon remakes Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Mongo said "With Ruby being the first pokemon game I actually knew what I was doing when I played it, (I did play Yellow, but I was just messing around and didn't know how to save) they shall be AMAZING. (Or ELSE.) That's really all I can say as we have NO info on the game so far..." Well since this question  we have recieved a little bit more information

Ryan said "I am really looking forward to the new mega evolutions..........Mega Pelipper anyone?? My fingers are crossed even though it won't happen. I'm really excited for the remakes though, and I can't wait to see the changes they make, and the new mega evolutions BTW, I did finally get my perfect, shiny Clawitzer. Along with a perfect, shiny, Pelipper, Quagsire, Gyarados, and Qwilfish. :-D" I'm just gonna call you Shiny Ryan...or Pink Gold Ryan. Anyway, my one friend is also hoping for a mega evolution of Pelipper.

B-rad said "I love me some gen 3, played the crap out of emerald and sapphire. Blaziken is my boy! Absol and Latios are also pretty fly. In short, TAKE MY MONEY NINTENDO" Trust me after what happened this week at E3. I aslo agree with that last statement.

As for this month, What pokemone meat would taste the best? Since we just had an episode about cooking Magikarps. What other meat would be delicious?

See you all soon.