April Fools!

...okay not really. Hello everybody, enjoying the good weather? I sure am! Any who last month we released Episode 26: Gimme a Chance. Unlike last episode, this one had a waaay easier name to come up with. How could we resist the pun. In this episode we wondered, what causes the player to go back to the entrance of the safari zone when you used up all of your steps. We figured there must be a moderator of some sort making sure people like Red don't ignore the rules. Like with every HM in this series, the special prize of the safari zone is utterly useless. Perhaps the safari zone should make the prize a nugget or like a porygon or something. At the end of the episode we teased the next gym leader (FINALLY) and I hope you guys are looking forward to it.

That brings me to my next topic, Episode 27. I regrettably announce that I will not be able to get it out this month. I have said many times before to various people, April is the worst month in terms of school. I will try to get a trailer down the line this month so you can geta  feel what you are in for with Koga. Well shall we move onto March's Question? Yes, yes we will. March's question was How does Brock celebrate his St. Patrick's day? Small turnout this time, perhaps it was the odd question

Ryan said "He makes his own 3 leaf clovers in celebration of this day. It is a tradition passed down in his family for generations....He takes a leaf off of a 4 leaf clover, and glues it on to a 2 leaf clover. That way, he's hitting two Pidgey with one Geodude....that joke was Onixpectedly bad. I should be aShaymined of myself." Don't feel bad. It made me laugh. I laughed so much that my Hypno longer feels good...eh I tried

B-rad said "Brock would celebrate st patty's day by sitting at home babysitting all his little brothers and sister and he would eat the really nice wal-mart festive sugar cookies" That's kinda sweet. I hope Brock did that and didn't deliver Pizza's

As for this month's question, What would you rather have the safari zone give away besides HM03?

Enjoy your April (cause I sure am trying)