End of Summer Update!

Hey guys....yeeeaaah I kinda skipped a month, BUT it is all okay! because I have stuff to say! Firstly, we have begun writing several episodes and plan to record them soon. I can't promise anything this month, but September we, of course, will have content once more. Let's move onto the write-up of Episode 28: I Met a Bird Once

I bet maybe a small percentage of you were wondering how we were going to handle the legendary pokemon. As you can see...or hear.... the term "legendary" really holds true to its name, people are unsure if they really do exist. Even Red was surprised to hear Articuno was real. In this episode, we tried to do a few new things, mainly the use of background noise. When Red is on the beach you can hear the ocean; before Red stopped the water current, you could hear the running water. I think it was a nice touch that can help immerse the listener. However, Red finds the legendary bird articuno and in the end, Red leaves the cave empty handed and heads toward a new island.

There is not too much to say about Episode 28. I definitely think it is one of our best sounding episodes to date and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do....But what's a write up without some bloopers? I've got some bloopers and they're quite hilarious. And here I present to you, Episode 28 Bloopers!!!

Back in the last post we asked, What Pokemon meat would taste the best? and we got quite the response! Let's go over them, shall we?

Ryan said "Probably Tepig. Everyone loves bacon......even Pokémon bacon." And later he found this 

I imagine that Tepig Bacon would be spicy...and I can appreciate that. I also wonder if the chef from that restaurant is Koga or even Janine...

Logananimeguy said "Miltank definitely, because nothing's better than a bacon double cheeseburger, eh Brock?" I see what you did there! Maybe we should talk over some jelly donuts.

B-rad said "Anorith, because i like shrimp" I mean, I like shrimp too, but this pokemon is a rock...

Mongo said "Grumpig. Psychic bacon." Psychic....bacon....? what kind of flavor is Psychic? Maybe it is sweet...ish...I don't know!

PAPAYA said "Some good ol' Hoothoot meat! That and some Farfetch'd meat. Any PokeBird meat, actually." I can dig some Pokepoultry!

That is it for this post. But I can't end it without another question! Let's go back to Articuno. If Red caught the Articuno, What would he nickname it?

I look forward to your answers! See you soon.