Now Introducing...Red Radio!

It is about time we acted like a podcast. I would like to introduce you to Red Radio! a sit down chat with the Red Squirtle Squad. In the first episode, we talk about the new generation of pokemon with our special guest Royce, aka the voice of Lt. Serge. This episode of Red Radio features a set of images you can find on our facebook page, click HERE to see the images and follow along. We all want to hear feedback from everyone, so I ask you to please listen and criticize us. I know Master of Rock was too quiet in this podcast, but we will fix it for next time. Also in the podcast we drop the release date for the next episode, so it is really worth listening to. (UPDATE: We lost the recording of episode 24 up until recently so expect it by the end of March, sorry for the delay)

Anywho, let us go to last months question What did Red do on Valentines day?

Brian said "yellow"....let's not think about that shall we?

Anonymous said "his homework" like Red goes to school

Logananimeguy said "He made a statue of Brock and every other person he dislikes and burned hem all to the ground while laughing maniacally" Knowing Red, that'll be a lot of statues

Ryan said "He had fun with Squirtle, Squirtle, and Growlithe......Pidgey was upset though cause he forgot about Pidgey again. He also bough Squirtle a new snuggie due to Squirtle creating too much static electicity with it and ruining it." D'awww showing love for his pokem-...most of his pokemon

and B-Rad said "Red would venture to the poke mart and indulge himself in all sorts of unhealthy chocolaty goodies, without paying of course" ahhh sounds like the good life to me.

So this months question/topic is all about Red Radio. What did you like and what would you change?