New Episode! New Bloopers! New Month!

Ah it feels good to release that episode. We were all very excited to get this one out to the public because a lot of our favorite Brock moments are in this episode. Finally we are able to have Brock be a big focus of an episode. In the first time in probably forever, Brock says more than Red. We also have the very rare moments where Red doesn't have every other line, kinda hard to do that with him being the main character and all. What was most fun writing this episode is having complete creative control. Because of this, I had to look up how sonar of a bat actually worked. So in a way The Red Squirtle actually was educational...sorta. It was also quite enjoyable to sit down and think how the gym system actually works. Using a lot of writing and re-writing I was able to come up with...that. I tried my hardest to create a system with the least amount of exploits in it because we all know they do not condone cheaters in Kanto. OBJECTION! You may have noticed we went a little Ace Attorney happy with the music in this episode, but hey those games deserve the love, highly recommend them. All in all there really isn't too much to say about the episode besides that was really fun to write and really fun to record. So today we have prepared to you with a little blog bonus! Here Episode 23's blooper, a little inside look when we record.

Click here to listen to the bloopers!

So last month I asked What posters would Red hang in his room? Let us see what you all said

Logananimeguy said "The poster Red would have in his room would be him with his team on top a mountain of the elite four their pokemon, Blue and his pokemon, and fishy all atop a yellow sun made of bunnies using tailwhip." I'm still trying to picture this, particularly the colors being used...besides yellow. Would it be gritty? would it be bright and colorful? who knows?!

Computerbug said "He would have the 'Red and Blue, both are pokemon' promotion poster that he found in the Celadon department store." I'm sure if he had that, he'd keep saying Red red red red red all the time

Ryan said "Red probably wouldn't put in the effort to hang a poster. So, if there was a poster it would probably be from Brock sneaking into Red's room and putting a poster of himself(Brock) in his best friend's room. So I guess a Brock poster" Then Red would proceed to tear it down and maybe burn it too

B-Rad said "Red would have a poster of the Chocolate Dunkaroo hanging straight up on his wall proudly displayed for all to see" He should hang all of his Halloween Costumes on the wall, im sure it would be a very...interesting site.

Mongo said "Red would have a poster of a bike that said 'It's over 9000 Poke-dollar' " And maybe one day he'll learn to ride a bike.

That wraps up December here as we go into the new year. Happy 2013 everyone, I hope for a safe and healthy new year for you all. From what I hear Taco man has started post-production on Episode 24. We hope to release that in February. So now that the holidays are over, we all have received new equipment. Master of Rock got some really fancy recording device. Taco Man got himself a microphone and I got a camera. I'm sure all of it will contribute to The Red Squirtle in some way. I know how I want to use my camera and we have recently used Master of Rock's new setup.

Have you all been enjoying the new news on Pokemon X and Y? From what it seems the visuals look real impressive and I haven't felt this excited for a Pokemon game since Heart Gold and Soul Silver. I hope to see more information about it soon!

So! Lets go to this month's question. Brock needs help! He needs to develop a new type of Pizza. Help give him some ideas!

See you all soon!