Red Squirtle Anniversary Contest!!!

The Red Squirtle Squad's one year anniversary is coming up! (September 25th to be precise) We wanted to get YOU (the listeners/fans) to get involved in the celebration! So here it is...... we challenge you to write a short script of The Red Squirtle! It must be a maximum of 1,000 words to be considered. The story is "Red flies back to vermilion city, and notices a mysterious cave (digglet cave) and wanders through it. Things happen in the cave (that is for you to come up with)". You can use any characters (ones that have appeared in Red Squirtle or original), but it must make sense. Also, you must use this line anywhere in the episode, and it must be said by Red "So wait... left is down and up is right?" and the very last line must be Red saying "Go pidgey use fly!". We will be using a special intro and outro for the episode when recorded. Please submit the script in this format:
"Red- Go Squirtle!
Squirtle- Pikachu! Pika... (in an enthusiastic, then scared voice)"
Of course, we aren't saying we want those lines in the episode, that is just how we want the script to read. It is easier for us to read it. The winner will get their episode aired, their name in the description (please provide us with a name you would like to go by) and a free Red Squirtle T-shirt! The T-shirt will be blue with a picture of the cover art of The Red Squirtle on it. Send any questions and entries to redsquirtle1@gmail.com! The contest starts now, and ends September 17th. The episode will be released September 25th. Good luck to everyone who enters!