Summer plans

Hello everyone, let's talk about the summer. We want to release more episodes. This month we will try to get episode 22 out. Also we will try to stock pile a bunch of episodes that we can release during the next school year. It will be a very Red Squirtle Summer. Our goal by the end of August is to have 7 to 9 episodes done. This way we can focus on school while keeping up with Red Squirtle. It's a win-win situation for everyone. We also feel Red Squirtle is neglected, so we want to fix that and finally complete Red Squirtle. With this plan in action we can go back to making trailers and more blog post other than the monthly ones I do.

I made this lil' fill bar. Keeping track of our work. I'll keep this updated as we go on

Question! Predict what episode 30 will be about. Even I am not completely sure, I haven't written that far yet.  See you all soon!