May you have a nice day!

See what I did there?..anyway Hello everyone and welcome to the blog. If this is your first visit. A special hello to you. So you may be wondering when you are getting episode 27...well I say you'll get it on the 19th! To celebrate this wonderful occasion I brought you all a trailer!

This was definitely a tough one to edit...for multiple reasons, but I'll get into that another time. Also in Red Squirtle news, we may be having a Red Radio soon due to the new Pokemon announcement... yeah you all know the one. Also, shame on me for not uploading the Episode 26 bloopers. Here you guys go!

Let us now look at last month's question with it's only answer! What would you rather have the safari zone give away besides HM03?

And the star of this month, Ryan, said "XD Those puns are Chesnaught funny(I actually started cracking up when I saw the Hypno one) How about a Thunder Stone so Red could actually evolve Pikachu?......or a 31 IV Modest, shiny, Clauncher so I can finally be finished with the Masuda Method. Lol. Whichever works" hmmm I feel a sense of personal problems with this answer....also good luck getting a perfect and shiny Clauncher...I don't think they give those away.

So keeping topical with this month, What is your opinion on the new pokemon remakes? I can't wait to read them! See you sometime soon