Hello Everyone. Here is an update!

Hey everyone, I hope you had an easy time finding the new itunes feed. If anything is wrong with any episode, please email us. We also finally got the name we kinda sorta wanted from the start....well it is the name we've been calling it since the early episodes ("Last time on The Red Squirtle") However, due to this homemade feed, the times won't be displayed on itunes unless you download it, but that's hardly a bother. Within the coming weeks, we will all get together soon and record away. I currently have 3 more episodes I wrote ahead of time and I'm halfway done with another. I'll make sure I finish the 4th one and we will try to power record all 4 during the end of December and beginning of January. Other than that, I don't have much news to share with you. If you haven't already done so, subscribe to our youtube account because we upload older episodes onto there CLICK HERE

So, lets get another question.  What would be Red's top 3 Christmas...erm...holiday gifts be? Answer in the comments!