Red Squirtle Episode 5 Trailer

Here is the trailer for episode 5, which will be up next friday! This is my favorite episode so far, the whole Red Squirtle team had a lot of fun making this one. Also, despite me posting the trailer last week, this is actually the first time I have made the trailer, Alex usually does it. So, I hope you enjoy it!

--Taco Man


Episode 4 is up!

I have mixed feelings about this episode....I don't think this was my best writing I have done...but at the same time it has one of my favorite parts ever.Let us talk about this episode. The beginning was originally going to be Red going into cerulean city, but the Zubat scene was added later after the episode was written. This is also the first time Squirtle has fainted. The whole part about the door-less house is to make fun of all the houses in Pokemon Red/Blue that only have windows...I mean seriously, who would make a house with no door. Later when Blue comes in the episode, he tells Abra to use some weird move....aka teleport. If you were wondering I said something similar to this


Later after the match, they talk about how Blue will fill out his dex before him....I just remembered...I forgot to give them their pokedexes....oops. When we got to the nugget bridge, odd emotions were thrown everywhere...seems fimiliar? Well these are our portrayal of the stages of grief cleaver huh?....no.....oh okay. Time for my favorite line ever!

Rocket- you can't run from a trainer battle

Red- yea I can, watch me

I love these lines soooo much. Later, when we are at Bill's house, Red pushes the yellow button and well...kills him. Did some of those sounds sound familiar to you? Well they should
Here's a list of sounds used

-Smoke Detector
-Lawn Mower
-Two different kinds of electric drills
- Microwave
- Typewritter
- Vacuum Cleaner
- Dish Washer
- Paper Shreader

That was fun to make....Anyways tune in this Friday for a trailer for episode 5...and oh boy it's a doosy

What...? Halloween episode? You really want to know about that? fine....

Well as you know know....Red's Pidgy can fly! wheee. Let's begin with a question everyone has...What in the world is the chocolate dunkaroo? well.... this

...yes Red dressed up as a gram cracker dipped in chocolate. The reason we used this is because we liked Dunkaroos as a child and I just happen to just think of it randomly. Later when we get to oak, you may have noticed the familiar, yet unfamiliar tune. Well that's oaks lab with the pitch brought down and revesed. Other than that there's not much else to talk about....so yea tune in this friday for a trailer!