Let us all welcome summer with open arms

Hello everyone and welcome to summer! This summer I wont promise any progress bar but we will work as hard as possible to get things done. We have a Red Radio planned and episode 24 shouldn't take too long (we hope). We may resurrect a few old things (Professor Oak Teaches Pokemon, Jack, etc.) and introduce a few new things too :O. All I can tell you is thank you for being patient with us, I know we are working slow, but we are so grateful of all of your support and we hope to deliver great content to you soon. Thank you all for your comments on Red Radio, were glad you enjoyed it. We did record another but it was waaay too long (2 hours?! WHAT?) and it got boring after a while. So we are going to redo it and make it more organized and concise. One more thing before we go onto the question, I have one thing to say. Look out for the next Red Radio because we will have a small contest with a prize! So to finish up this short post here is this month's question Where would Red go on Vacation? It can be a real place or a fictional place.