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19...19...oh 19...19 brought us a lot of trouble and it had to be around when all of us left for college. A thing you may not know is that we had 2 episode 19s. the first one had to be dropped because of a recurring problem. We would get a girl to do a voice, but then she would back out and completely mess us up. One day I'll post the original 19 on here for you. We rewrote episode 19 while I was home one weekend (Taco Man and Master of Rock commute to college) and recorded it during our spring break, but couldn't finish it because school got in the way. It wasn't until summer break where we actually finished the episode.

Let's dive into the episode. The first half of the episode is dominated by Taco Man because he voices Squirtle, Red, and Growlithe. So me and Master of Rock just kinda sat back trying to make each other crack up. Plan A is classic Red Squirtle. We first did that gag in episode 2 and it really stuck with us. If you notice, Red's plans go like this: A, B, 3, 7, 7, 8, and he mentions plan z, but he never makes it that far. This episode is pretty much two parts, the pursuing Growlithe part and the V battle part. I did write these both on different sittings. The pursuing Growlithe part was written at around 1 am on Master of Rock's deck. We were all talking about Pokemon Black and White, which we didn't have at the time (not sure if it was even out in America-a-a-a yet) So I had both of them to get ideas from. In fact the whole thing with the exploding Snorelaxes came off of us talking about it...but remember, I'm a cowboy. Ever since we wrote that episode that's one of the lines we quote a lot. How did that (or even the whole western genre) come in my mind? I wish I could remember. The reason he does it twice is because when I was typing i typed "Okay plan 7" then I paused, scrolled up a bit and saw I already did it, so instead of changing it, I thought it would be funny to have Red just do it again without realizing it. I have no idea what was in mind for plan 8, I literally just typed random things and just left it there. Well the jar of honey could be me referencing Earthbound because there was an item called a jar of fly honey. However, the other two were just random. At that point I stopped working on the episode and I went home to sleep.

I didn't start working on it again til downtime in college. that is when trainer V was created. Voiced by our very own Master of Rock and pitch was slightly lowered to make him seem older than Red. of course he catches Growlithe with something that Red never even thought of...a pokeball. Maybe plan z was throw a pokeball. Immediately after, Red gets jealous and will do anything for that Growlithe and I decided Red should do something really risky, risk losing his Squirtle! That would be perfect. This episode has more breaking of the fourth wall with Red mentioning Blue version. One of my favorite parts of this episodes is right before the battle when Red is accepting V's challenge before he finishes. I wanted to make V knowledgeable about Pokemon and to tell Red a few pointers, let's see if he remembers this in the future. V also showcases a few new Pokemon we haven't seen in the series yet. I should keep track of what Pokemon we have used because I would like to have most of the original Pokemon show up in the series in some way. I may find out this week and post it on the blog. One of my favorite parts of this battle is when Squirtle almost defeats Machoke, but then V uses a potion on him, it suddenly hit me one while writing it that no one has ever used a potion in the series. So I decided to have V be that guy who always uses a potion in battle and just makes you mad. So at the end of the battle Red trades his Eevee for V's Growlithe, The dialogue during the trade is almost the exact same as the original 19 because in the original 19, Red trades his Eevee for someone's Growlithe and messes it up. At the end we learn his name...well at least a letter of his name. All 3 of us know his real name, one day you will too, but for now he is Pokemon Trainer V.

The sound effects in this episode were fantastic, we sometimes talk about redoing old episodes because of the lack of any kind of sound effects, but I don't think we will anytime soon. Compare episode 2 and more recent episodes and tons of changes have been made (like Pikachu's voice, Brock's voice, Red's voice to some extent, sound effects, pitch changes, better writing, better battles (if you noticed in episode 2 Brock doesn't fight back at all)) Overall we improve almost everything and we would be nothing without our loving fans. Thank you all for supporting us and look forward to future episodes.
Favorite quote time!

V- Hmm…How about this, If you win I will trade you my Growlithe for anything you have
Red- Okay!
V- However, if I win, I’ll trade you my Growlithe-
Red- Let’s do it!
V- let me finish, I’ll trade you my Growlithe-
Red- Challenge accept-
V-SHUT YOUR MOUTH! IF I win, You WILL trade your Squirtle, the blue turtle one, for my Growlithe

This little sequence shows how much Red listens and kinda shows off his childish side.

Do you guys have a favorite quote? Post a comment saying it. Also instead of a monthly poll, Let's try out a question. So along with your quote (if you have one), answer this for me. What do you think happened in the original 19? Just remember, the part in the pokecenter was almost the exact same, so Red had to get his Growlithe by trading his Eevee with someone else. I'll post some of our favorite answers next month and if you guys would like to do this instead of a poll, please let us know!

Wow this is a long post...hope you all enjoyed it