Happy five years!

Happy fifth year of Red Squirtle! You may notice something is off about this year's anniversary special...as in we don't have one prepared. You may have noticed that our episode output suddenly stopped. The biggest reason for that is our dear friend Master of Rock no longer lives in the same state as us. We have tried to do a recording over the internet, but we feel as if it didn't work as well as we want it to. We are now planning a get together to do a massive amount of recording. I'll be sure to let you know on our facebook page when we get all this recording done and I'll soon resume our schedule of an episode a month. I am anxious as well as you all must be.

Well that was a short update. Let's go over August's question of the month, which was "If Red caught the Articuno, what would he nickname it?"

Mongo said "As Articuno was a tough enemy to capture, Red would probably try to think smartly about its name, so naturally he'd be named "Bunny"." Red should think like a smart person more often if you ask my opinion.

Ryan said "He would name it Squirtle! By the way, I don't know if you guys heard about this, but there will be a fan made Mother 4 coming out this Winter!" Fun Fact! I have nearly trained myself to write Squirtle instead a Pikachu to now its pure instinct. I do remember hearing about this fan game a while back. I'm really happy to see it didn't fall apart or anything.

B-Rad said "Immediately I thought of this gem: Snow-ti-cono...rolls right off the tongue" I'm sure Master of Rock would appreciate this.

Finally, Logananimeguy said "Red would be Red and name Articuno, Blue not thinking about the fact he has a rival named Blue" When coming up with this question, this scenario immediately popped in my head. You're hired as a Red Squirtle writer!

Well that's what was going on. Red Squirtle is not cancelled by any means, just being delayed once more. Stay tuned for more information! No question this month ( I mean September is almost over)