April Fools!

Hey everybody! Alex here to give you an update in the world of The Red Squirtle. My microphone might be broken...so...that's an issue...but Mewtwo was released in smash! Also Master of Rock has a great microphone! But we can't make new episodes until I get a new one or this somehow fixes itself. I wanted April to be the coming back month...but that might be delayed for a little bit.


So uh...question time! According to you guys, Oak just doesn't read that much...but let us take a look at how you answered the question: What is Professor Oaks favorite book?

Ryan said "Obviously, his favorite book is "How to tell people not to ride their bike indoors from anywhere for dummies" . . . I totally did not just make that book up" I think I saw that on amazon

Snowstar (welcome aboard the Red Squirtle train) said "His favorite book is "The Guide to Reading."" We all gotta start somewhere.

This month's question is What is Red's favorite book? Because we all know Red likes to read...and we all know how good he is at it.

Have a good one guys and hang in there.



  1. Red's favorite book would be A Glass of Water
    by Jimmy Santiago Baca. He didn't read it, he just judged it by its cover

  2. "The History of GameShows". How else would he win all those things?


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