We got it right!

Hello everyone Alex here and you all may be wondering "Hey Alex, what is up with that title?" well briefly mentioned in the new Red Radio we said we had issues making our second Red Radio. I decided I'll go into more detail right here (since there really isn't that much other new news). Our first attempt was a history of Red Squirtle and a discussion on each episode. The raw recording of this episode was over 2 hours long. Upon going into the world of editing, I was getting bored listening to it. All our discussions dragged on and we really didn't have too much to say, although we may return to the early history of Red Squirtle because that may be worth talking about. So I sent a message out to the squad and we would try again in a week or two. Our next attempt was to return to X and Y and discuss early Red Squirtle history with a short intermission between each section. As Taco man said in the podcast, it became outdated within days and we wanted to focus on the now rather than the then. So attempt three came along and we were all happy with it. If anyone is unfamiliar with Red Radio please go to our facebook page and view the slideshow during or before listening the podcast as we refer to it often...Now I know what all of you may be thinking "What is happening with the next episode of Red Squirtle?" and I wish I could provide you all with an answer. We will have the another episode out one day. That's probably not the answer you were hoping for but please stick with us. The major reason why we started Red Radio is because to give everyone something to listen while we wait for the next episode...that and because it is fun to do. Also here is a little fun fact, in the last Red Radio, we all mentioned a game we were playing, in editing, we used a song from each game in the podcast somewhere. There is something to look for if you're going to listen to it. But enough about that let's go to last month's....last 2 month's question which was "Where would Red go on Vacation? It can be a real place or a fictional place." Let us see what you all said

Ryan said "The Orange Islands. He's probably wanted to go there ever since the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town when he fantasized about getting the badges from there before he dies." You have a good point, he must know of the Orange Islands in order to dream about owning their badges.

Mongo said "Fiji. It seems like a fun place to go." I agree it does.

PAPAYA said "Yellow brick road. Because it's a road. With bricks. That are yellow. And Red likes yellow. Sure, it's not exactly a place, per se, but it's still YELLOW! -PAPAYA" Place: noun: A particular position or point in space. I do believe a road would be a place

B-Rad said "From Kanto, Red would hop upon his newly revived pidgey and fly from wherever he is at in the show, i forget what town exactly xD , all the way to Anaheim California and experience the majesty of Disneyland! Wandering around outside the park he would find out that it costs money to get into the park. Eventually Red would sneak into the park, steal churros,ride the fastest rollarcoaster in the park, get kicked out of the park for correcting people on the use of the word "holiday", and wake up only to find he'd been dreaming the whole time!" Right now in the show Red is on his way to Fuchsia City. Red does seem like the guy who would dream about Disney Land. I mean I do as well.

Logananimeguy said "El Dorado, it's filled with gold and do you know what color gold is? Yellow and he and his pokemon would be considered gods to the people" Red's dream! Shiny yellow bits!

Tolvan said "Realistically speaking, Pallet Town. Because that's where he always goes. Actually, I think he'd go to Nimbasa City. After all, Nimbasa City is the entertainment hub for the World of Pokemon, right?" I wonder how Red would fare in the Ferris Wheel with N, since he is a not so silent protagonist.

And with that we enter July, which is also National Ice cream month. So everyone appreciate the Vanillite family this month and hey let's have the question related to that. So...What is Brock's favorite flavor of ice cream?

We'll be seeing you next month hopfully with better Red Squirtle news. Small you later