Happy....Mid August!

Yeah...I got a little lazy. I'm sorry.

 Last month's question was "Whats your favorite character?" Let's take a look at the things you guys said.

Anony likes Red because of his unique mind and how it actually somehow helps him in battle. PAPAYA of Fire Gold (click here to see it) says he likes Surge or else he wouldn't be a good American....fair enough. How can you live in AMERICA-ICA-ica-ica-ca-ca-ca without liking Surge. Jacob McAwesome (great name by the way) likes Pidgey because he can relate it to his own Pidgey, who happens to lose a  lot in battle. Finally, Emerald (used to be gold) said that he liked is Brock because...c'mon who doesn't like Brock

Alright that's it for today now to give you a new question. Wild DITTO appeared. Go! ________! Who would be sent out and what would you do? It doesn't have to be Red Squirtle related so get creative! We currently have 21 recorded and in the editing process. 22 is partially recorded (that one may take a while to edit because of it's complexity)and just as an fyi, we have 24 episodes fully written. Okay guys see you later this month for an update.