Random Thing #2: Planting the Tree

Episode 1; Plantin...

This is THE very first episode of The Red Squirtle....obviously editing was awful, there were NO sound effects, characters sounded different than they do now and not to mention that the mic cut on a few lines like

" To fulfill my dream of -ching every single Pokemon on the earth"
"Do that -ang you do"
But we ended up liking -ang so we kept it.

This is the same episode just without Master of Rock, this was made before he was on the team. It also doesn't have lines we added later. Also the announcer was not thought of so it just ends with an old running joke we used to have.

"He's Dead" then it just stops.
Hope you enjoy.


Random thing #1: Red the Comedian

If you read all the write-ups, you would know about our ordeal with Episode 6: The Dragon Gym. So when we were prepping Episode 7: He Never Joined the Army, we needed a good effect for in head thoughts. We experimented a bit. I told Taco Man just to say random things. So he did, and we played around with the audio editing software to see what could sound like something someone said in their head...but it didn't sound like in head thinking, instead it sounded like someone was on stage. So I decided to add an intro and BOOM that's how this clip was born.


If you are wondering about the " the red thing moves up and down", it's just a bar in the program we use that tells us how loud or soft we are. Come back soon for more random things we did.