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Happy Holidays from the Red Squirtle Staff!

Happy Holidays everyone! To celebrate the holidays, the Red Squirtle staff has put together a holiday episode just for you! Go check it out!

--Taco Man

Episode 8 Trailer

Here's the trailer for Episode 8, it was real fun making another trailer

episode 8 trailer....

Come back later for a special holiday episode later today

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Episode 7: He Never Joined the Army

-Cue tumble weed-

A month had gone by since we recorded the first half to episode 6. While waiting I would be writing scripts for future episodes. Eventually we decided to just go ahead and record episode 7 and come back to 6 later.

This is Brock's fourth non holiday episode appearance. Our team just loves him that much, but he is quickly kicked away by Red...unfortunately Red doesn't like him much. The line...

Brock- Can I at least ask you one question?

When I wrote that...I didn't have a question in mind for him to ask, so your guess is as good as mine. When we get to the man whose TM got stolen, editing this part was really annoying for Taco Man because, both he and Master of Rock were being very quiet (not counting MoR's scream). Later when Red battles the Rocket, you may have noticed a familiar sound effect. Well...it was used in the second half of episode 6 when Squirtle tried to use thunder. That is our new "I don't know how/can't use that move" sound effect. What it is really is a noise maker Taco Man had in his basement. While recording this part, I was both Rocket and Pika-Squirtle. So switching between voices was really tough. I actually had to rerecord Pika-Squirtle's final attack on Drowzee because I accidentally did it in my rocket voice.

Later when Red is fighting Fishy, Pidgy makes one of his rare appearances. Poor guy, gets killed almost instantly. It's amazing that a Magikarp takes out two pokemon within seconds, but no Magikarp is safe from squirtle....though squirtle does get his butt whooped by that fish. I don't blame him, Fishy is a tricky one. For some reason Red thinks of bunnies, while recording that line, I just started cracking up. I couldn't help it, it was just too funny. That was also one heck of a maneuver Red thought of to beat Fishy, that pretty much proves that he can battle seriously against people. For the crunch sound effect, we just took a water bottle and twisted it. It does sound legit, we also used that in technique in episode 3.

FAVORITE LINE TIME- Should I have called the cops on him?

Come back this Friday for the trailer for episode 8...and maybe another suprise as well ;)

Oh! and looking for female voice actor for a future episode. Contact us at redsquirtle1@gmail.com if you are interested. It would make all our lives easier if we could get a girl voice!



Red Squirtle Episode 7 Trailer


Here is the trailer for episode 7, which will be up next friday! There was less material for me to work with this time, so I think it's a little shorter than usual (of course, not as short as last weeks trailer!) So without further ado, enjoy the trailer!


Episode 6: The Dragon Gym

This episode began the time where our team started recording other episodes because initially we wanted to get a girl to record her part...but pretty much any girl we could find was not willing to do it. So we recorded up to where misty comes in and put it off and started recording others (yea we have up to episode 10 recorded shhh). Eventually time was drawing near where we needed to get this episode done. At that time episode 7 was done and episodes up to 10 were written...so we NEEDED to get it done. Our team was sitting near the computers thinking if I was gonna be me as misty or master of rock. Eventually master of rock got a brilliant idea! He would be angry misty in his "Dockhag voice" and I would be misty in....well a less annoying voice then I did the other girl. Little did we know that it was going to work out sooo well

Okay...let's move onto the episode. So it begins with a loooong story.....about rubik's cubes. The whole concept of this story was based on me and taco man blurbing out a random year. That year happened to be 1974...and it just so happens that it was the year the Rubik's cube was invented. So from there we looked other events from that year. For example, the small part mentioning the movie "Earthquake"...Earthquake was released that year. The part about the audio message to Hercules constellation is also real...I think. Remember the part:

"TEAR DOWN THE GREEN WALL... so we all ran towards the green wall...than everything turned bright pink"

hmmm...Tear down the wall.....pink floyd...sound familiar?

This episode is when we really started to use more sound effects. My favorite is the Water Gun sound effect. But something that we used that I absolutely loved is Red's thinking process. It was my favorite part this episode. Our initial recording stopped after the battle with the annoying voice girl and didn't continue til much later with the actual battle. The part where Squirtle tries to use thunder, you probably heard an unusual sound effect. This is the "disabled" sound effect used in episode 7...oops. Next is the dreaded "That other move" the original idea was to have an explosion at the end, but to still have Squirtle alright. But we have been playing around with Audacity a lot and master of rock put together that...and we absolutely loved the idea...as for what happened....i don't wanna find out (shiver). I love the part immediately after "That other move" where everyone starts celebrating and acting like Squirtle did not turn into a demonic foul beast and completely murder that Starmie. I love how Brock appears in this episode to explain TM 34. When writing this part, me and Tacoman chose a TM at random...and it just so happened to be the TM that Brock gives to the player.

FAVORITE LINE TIME: Red-...can I have my badge now

Come back this Friday for a trailer for episode 7. It's a fun one



Red Squirtle Episode 6 Trailer


Here is the trailer for episode 6, which will be up next friday! This episode will be quite interesting, and Red finally faces Misty! Also, we will be starting a new segment soon, so don't think Red is getting all of the spotlight!

Oh, confused about the trailer? Alex came up with the idea. We just couldn't resist, since there are so many different variations of "what" in episode 6. Most of the episode will also make you say it too...a little more than usual.

--Taco Man


Episode 5 is up!

Oh boy......this episode was certainly an adventure. As you may have noticed, there isn't a jail in pokemon red/blue. So this is our first completely original episode! and as you saw, I went crazy with some of the things I put into it....Lets begin with the shattering of the fourth wall when Red says

"Why is this song so over played"

I thought that doing that would be fun. As you can see....I had a reason for all of those deaths, because I wanted Red to go to jail. Let's move onto the officer. When the officer was calculating the amount of deaths, master of rock improvised the math equation...little did he know he said

" sqaure root of 25 divided by 5"

...I hope he knows that the answer to that is 1 -_-....moving on. The main reason I wrote this episode is because I wanted to have Red adventure with a few people instead of his squirtle....that only says squirtle. When Red was crying and saying stuff like


you probably noticed that the music was not from pokemon.... It was from The World Ends With You, a very fun DS game. This is also the beginning of sound effects to be used regularly. We also edited onix's roar from the first episode. The Dr. Seus rhyme was written during school in about a minute....yea I'm a freakin' poet. The Lines...

Red- They do not have wings

Brock- But indeed they do have fins

Red- How does this help us

sound very...anime like and was completely by accident, but it sounds cool...When the creepy guy sends out the magikarps, we had to (obviously) pre-record that...we recorded 5 different tracks with each having 3 different voices. During that recording in the middle somewhere I said

"Karping Magic"

If you can find it...congrats me fellow/fella...oh and at the end I sing


hehe :D. I love the whole break the targets thing...it was so much fun to do. It is revieled in this episode that Red has no education!!!! The argument is completely improvised to...that was also fun to do...I loved this entire episode! The second poem was also written in like a minute...yea I'm naturally gifted...oh if anyone has a sand symbol...i want to see it.

Time to count the Legend of Zelda references...lets see...2! Yay!...I love how Brock happens to have an ocarina of time on him. During the writ ting of this episode I was playing lots of Phantom Hourglass...so I HAD to include some sorta reference. I also like to note that they are in a pretty luxurious jail if they have an air conditioner.


"Oh crap a big hole"


During the death of the police man...I was cracking up...I was glad I was not in that part. You may be wondering what professor oak was going through...well I don't know either all we know is that he came through the target room and grabbed Red's pikachu.

Come back this Friday for a trailer for episode 6...also...do I smell a holiday coming? hmmmm ;)



Red Squirtle Episode 5 Trailer

Here is the trailer for episode 5, which will be up next friday! This is my favorite episode so far, the whole Red Squirtle team had a lot of fun making this one. Also, despite me posting the trailer last week, this is actually the first time I have made the trailer, Alex usually does it. So, I hope you enjoy it!

--Taco Man


Episode 4 is up!

I have mixed feelings about this episode....I don't think this was my best writing I have done...but at the same time it has one of my favorite parts ever.Let us talk about this episode. The beginning was originally going to be Red going into cerulean city, but the Zubat scene was added later after the episode was written. This is also the first time Squirtle has fainted. The whole part about the door-less house is to make fun of all the houses in Pokemon Red/Blue that only have windows...I mean seriously, who would make a house with no door. Later when Blue comes in the episode, he tells Abra to use some weird move....aka teleport. If you were wondering I said something similar to this


Later after the match, they talk about how Blue will fill out his dex before him....I just remembered...I forgot to give them their pokedexes....oops. When we got to the nugget bridge, odd emotions were thrown everywhere...seems fimiliar? Well these are our portrayal of the stages of grief cleaver huh?....no.....oh okay. Time for my favorite line ever!

Rocket- you can't run from a trainer battle

Red- yea I can, watch me

I love these lines soooo much. Later, when we are at Bill's house, Red pushes the yellow button and well...kills him. Did some of those sounds sound familiar to you? Well they should
Here's a list of sounds used

-Smoke Detector
-Lawn Mower
-Two different kinds of electric drills
- Microwave
- Typewritter
- Vacuum Cleaner
- Dish Washer
- Paper Shreader

That was fun to make....Anyways tune in this Friday for a trailer for episode 5...and oh boy it's a doosy

What...? Halloween episode? You really want to know about that? fine....

Well as you know know....Red's Pidgy can fly! wheee. Let's begin with a question everyone has...What in the world is the chocolate dunkaroo? well.... this

...yes Red dressed up as a gram cracker dipped in chocolate. The reason we used this is because we liked Dunkaroos as a child and I just happen to just think of it randomly. Later when we get to oak, you may have noticed the familiar, yet unfamiliar tune. Well that's oaks lab with the pitch brought down and revesed. Other than that there's not much else to talk about....so yea tune in this friday for a trailer!


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! To celebrate one of our favorite holidays, we decided to make a short Halloween episode. It doesn't exactly fit in with the timeline, so think of it as an extra. I decided to celebrate Red Squirtle's first Halloween with an extra special costume!

...what was I thinking?


Red Squirtle Episode 4 Trailer


Here is the trailer for episode 4, which will be up next friday! Also, look forward to an extra-special Halloween edition of Red Squirtle!

--Taco Man


Episode 3 is up!

This is one of my favorite episodes. To begin with this post I think we should address the...kinda graphic beginning...yes it's graphically hilarious that a guy was doing that part. Yes, we forced Master of Rock to do that part. Later he said that doing that part was the most awkward things he had ever done. Later after we see fishy completely FAIL in battle, Red gets rid of the poor fish and Red says

" Now I'm gonna click your name....then press ALT F4....bye poopy face"

...We had to redo that line because Taco-man said

"Now I'm gonna click your name....then press ALT 4F....bye poopy face"

After the happy Mother 3 music we used to go through the cave, Red encountered an old, lost man. Before recording this episode, I added this part in without telling the other two. Normally we do a read through before recording, but this time we didn't. So only I knew what about that part. So when we got to this part...(Lost is the old man btw)

Lost-if only I had an escape rope

Red- you mean the one right next to you?

Lost-...oh...that's an escape rope....

Red- what did you think it was?

Lost-....dried bananas

Master of Rock and Taco man started to crack up because of the interesting food choice I chose. I was considering a few different foods. They happen to be, Alligator on a stick, cow brains, and dried bananas....as you can see I went with dried bananas. The reason? I dunno, I guess it looked the most like a rope if you chain them together. Later in the episode when we meet the guy with the paris, you may noticed that we named him Snarf. Why may come across your mind. Well because Master of Rock likes Snarf from ThunderCats.

Come back this friday for a trailer for the episode 4.


Great things to come

Recently we have been editing future episodes and real nice things are coming out of it, so a few episodes from now out editing will be top notch!




Episodes 1 and 2 are up!

In the past few weeks, our team has released episodes 1 and 2 of The Red Squirtle. You probably noticed that episode 1 is called"Re-Planting the Tree" and thought "Re?....there was never a normal 'Planting the Tree'" To that I say, yes there was. "Planting the Tree" does exists, but when we recorded it, we didn't have our third member, Master of Rock. On top of that it was shorter and the editing was not too great...overall, it was horrible compared to "Re-Planting the Tree". Why we changed the name? We want to remember the very first complete Red Squirtle episode.

Episode 2, "Splashing the Cannonball", was the first episode we recorded with Master of Rock. Our original plans with Bugzy was to have his story completely improvised, but we decided to cut that out and instead write it. During that writing session the quote from Bugzy's dad,

"It looks like he ran into a bear, the bear was terrified about his face, so he attempted to rip it off. BUT! The bear died from UGLY. So, it collapsed on top of him! and then, the surgeons used hot glue, staples, and stuck-o to put his face back together. But, they needed to fill in his face with dried up vomit in order to keep his face together. HE’S UGLY. "

was actually an addition from Master of Rock. This came from an insult he made up to make fun of this person. I know it's horrible that he did that, but we found it so hilarious that we had to put it in. Do you guys remember Brock's sorta-rap? No? Well here it is.

"Yo my name is BROCK. Im the master of ROCK. Ill make you eat your SOCK.And don’t try to give me a SHOCK….because it kinda wont work."

I believe that rap took me about 3 seconds to write, but once Master of Rock (my friend, not Brock) uttered that line, Me and Taco Man knew that he had to be part of our team. Here's a fun fact about Episode 2 The guy who says

"We have a space exhibit too"

We named him Bill Nye and if you noticed, Red says

"Thanks science guy"

We thought that we needed to have Bill Nye in this.....We think Bill Nye should be a part of everything.

Come back this friday for a preview of episode 3!



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