Oh look a month went by

Hello everyone, how is it going?....oh that's good....Hahaha me too, I know how you feel. In fact the other day I...huh? what?...ooh that. yyyeeeaaah uhh, we couldn't quite reach our goal.....yeah I know we promised.....yes I know you're scared that we'll be away again for another 10 months, but we're gonna try and not let that happen.

In all seriousness the goal couldn't be completed due to complications.  We can safly say we recorded upto episode 27. TWENTY-SEVEN . Plus the anniversary episode (be on the look out for that this month) We'll be doing more recording soon and hopefully releasing more episodes, we have also come up with some cool ideas to do with the series over the summer and we hope we can implement them as soon as I get enough money. Be on the look out for that eventually on our Youtube page (but that may take a long time to get to).  Other than that, let us review August's question/scenario, It's 9:57 A.M. School starts at 10:00 A.M.  Red forgot to do his homework and has to solve the problem: Find x. 2x=6. He doesn't have enough time to think about it. What will he write down for his answer?

ComputerBug said "I believe that it is a trick question. As red stated did not even go to preschool. Buuuuuut, he probably wrote yellow is the answer because x is a letter, y is after x, y is the first letter to the word yellow, I LIKE THE COLOR YELLOW, so that's the answer."

Well I don't think the teacher will accept that answer

Mongo said "Seven!"

I'm sure the teacher will give points for trying

PAPAYA said" Uh...Squirtle"

The teacher looks at Red disappointingly

Ryan said "Knowing Red's luck, even though it isn't a gameshow, he probably would see that there are 3 numbers/letters in the equation and put that number down as his answer, not realizing that it was actually the correct answer. Although how he got into highschool, is a complete mystery seeing as he never went to pre-school."

"Wow Red I'm impressed, you're showing signs of improvement"

B-rad said "Think like a smart person... BUNNIES!!"

When  I first listened to the episode with that line, I completely forgot about it, when I heard it said, I proceeded to spit water because it's so random and very Red

Logananimeguy said "Red would say; Wait why am I in school when I should be trying to get back to lavender town to then get to that new town"

Haha seems like someone wants the next episode to come out

So for this month, I'm gonna do something a bit different...here take it away, Brock. Hello friends! The creators of the show have been kind enough to let me use their blog. So I want you guys to Ask me, Brock, anything you'd like to know!