Well well. It's that time again...

Okay before I go into news and such, lets see how people would approach this battle scenario. "Wild DITTO appeared. Go! ________! Who would be sent out and what would you do?" We got quite a few responses for this one. I was glad to see that. Brian said he'd send out Spearow that only knew mirror move. This "technique" would end up having both pokemon constantly be transforming and using mirror move....so it'll end in a struggle fight. Anony1 said "Go Poliwrath! Poliwrath uses Hypnosis! Wild Ditto fell asleep! Poliwrath uses Submission! Wild Ditto is defeated!" This answer needs no explanation. Anony2 said just plain and simple a Gengar. Our friend (with another new name) Computer Bug said He'd send out a Slaking and use focus punch, but because it will go second (slow speed stat) ditto will transform into it and then it'll get super effective from focus punch. Anony3 said "Magikarp or Fishy" If I was Anony3...I'd stick with Fishy ( way better than the average Magikarp). Finally, G-Dragon said he'd have a transform contest by sending out his own Ditto...so another struggle fight.

Okay with that out of the way, I have bad news. School started. With all 3 of us now separated again, updates will be....very very very slow again. However, we do have stuff recorded. So within....I dunno... a few months we'll try to release another episode. Its hard because editing is a long process and Taco Man has very little free time now. As for me, I'll try to find stuff to post and entertain you guys while you wait. Right now I have nothing, but I'm getting a microphone soon so maybe I'll record a mini series on the side. I do have ideas. I'll just leave it at that...also don't expect much in terms of editing. I don't know nearly as much as Taco Man. So how about a question now. What would Red's favorite Candy be? Personally I'd see him as a big twix fan myself. I'm not sure why though... Anyways what do you guys think? See you all maybe later this month. If you didn't know, we started uploading older episodes of Red Squirtle to Youtube. Check them out! I also personally annotated each episode with little facts you may or may not know. So if you have a few minutes to kill, check us out HERE