Episode 12 & 13

Wow....It's been a while....a long while. Everyone had been so busy, that we could not get this done. But now I finally have free time again and now I can get this done. So let's begin with Episode 12: Icy Blue. So this episode opens with our missing announcer. Where could he be? (well I'm assuming you listened to both episodes so you probably know his whereabouts). Then we pick up where we last left Red, at Lavender Town. He first complains that there is no gyms in any towns, but there are in cities and islands...well that's true for Kanto. Not for Johto or Hoenn, but it is also true for Sinnoh...hmm. Soon he walks into some random dudes house and WHAMMO, it;s the name rater. Does his voice sound familiar? If you're a fan of the animated short "Rejected" he's the guy who says "Dance! Everybody dance" in the beginning of his segment. Anyways, The rater tells Red that his Squirtle's name is only 3 out of 5 stars. Red no like. Red then decides that

"Red's Squirtle should always get 5 stars"

No, of course we are not trying to sneak any hidden message there ;)

Oh, if you want to know the spelling of Squirtle's new name...well I guess it's not Squirtle anymore because his new name is FLANGER-HANGER-DANGGUR-DURGEN. Taco Man just kinda came up with it while we were at school. I dig it.

Next we go to the pokemon tower....or should I say candy factory. Hmmm...a virus called Conflicter...doesn't that sound like a certain virus that scared a bunch of people of people last year? Don't remember it? Well, it was a virus called Conficker. Now it's old news because many anti-virus software has dealt with it.

Moving on...then Red's looooong monologue begins. It is a total of around 330 words. Did you get some deja vu when Red was reading the tombstones? Well it should because we alluded to earlier episodes. I'm sure you caught onto it. Then he runs into his rival, BLUE!!!!!!! Then we switch perspectives and go into Blue's mind...as he thinks of a lame excuse. Then Red epically owns him....real bad. I would get mad if someone said that to me.

At the beginning of the battle, Red seems very arrogant. Wow, Red seems a little too over confident. But anywho Red takes down his Pidgyotto with little effort. Next Blue sends out Kadabra and since pikachu got confused twice...they somehow canceled each other out and then pikachu was able to take out Kadabra. (BTW I love the confusion sound effect with the echos and stuff, it's pretty rad) Over confident Red then predicts that Blue will send out his Raticate, but due to his surprise, it is actually a growlithe. That growlithe takes out pikachu pretty quickly. Then Red sends out flanger hanger danggur durgin. Then we jump perspectives into squirtle's mind and see what he thinks....but because we don't understand squirtish, we can just assumed he thought of a water move. Then he takes out growlithe. Blue then sends out the monster, Gyrados. Then Red gets a bright idea....send out little pidgy! Poor pidgy get's crushed...very badly. Red then sends out flanger hanger danggur durgin and does yet another complex move...and it always works out well in the end. So Red takes out Gyrados...then things get dark. Some odd power consumed Blue or something because what he says is very dark. I love the double track here to make Blue sound more demonic.

Blue sends out his prized Ivysaur and poisons flanger hanger danggur durgin. It seems like flanger hanger danggur durgin will faint because Blue is fighting like a champ....but then it happens... The move that saved Red's victory...the move that is good against plants...the move which inspired the title of the episode...the mighty ice beam(normally squirtles can't learn this move, but i wanted this one to)! It proceeds to freeze Ivysaur, then flanger hanger danggur durgin takes him out with one last tackle. Blue does not seem happy so he leaves feeling all depressed and such. Then at then end, the announcer comes back because he was sleeping (yeah I know, great reason why he wasn't there)

This episode wasn't really too much about humor. It had mostly action as well as an epic conclusion to the battle. So picking a favorite line was pretty much limited to the first part of the episode...but I do have one.

"HELLO CANDY FACTORY" I love this one because Red assumes that a place that smells like death would have a candy factory.

Moving onto the cleverly named episode (thank you Master of Rock). Episode 13: The Green Dream. Notice that the intro is a tad short? Well that's because the announcer didn't have a lot to say because he was asleep. so Taco Man had to shorten it down, but it worked out nicely. This episode is a unique one. It begins with Red training flanger hanger danggur durgin to try to get his ice beam to work. We run into a chaneler...who wants to devour Red's soul...and being Red he doesn't know what devour means. So he just stands there...getting his soul devoured, but then walks away and finds an odd square on the ground. What is this square? I have no idea. but I remember on the gameboy everything would flash white and suddenly all your pokemon was healed...so I had to include that in this episode.

Red finds a ghastly....but wait...that's not a ghastly. It keeps saying

"Get out"

It's the....the....the...GHOST. However...according to Red, that is a ghastly. So he tries to get flanger hanger danggur durgin to fight it....it didn't work out well. Instead the ghost does some sorta move on Red. (Hypnosis maybe?) and Red falls down to the ground asleep. I would also like to say that Taco Man didn an excellent job on the ghost effect as well as the falling asleep effect. Everyone give him a poptart. Then we jump perspectives to a new character...Green. We go to Oak's lab and finds out that Oak treats this kid very badly...it seems like he is only fond of Red. Anywho Oak catches Green his first pokemon....which happens to be a Ratata...poor Green. So he tries to bond with his Ratata....but it runs away. He catches up to it, but it's still not fond of Green. He wants to fight Brock...but he is busy at his job. So then he finds pokemon trainer extraordinaire, Larry. After he smack-talks Red and Oak, he tries to teach Green about how to train his Ratata. But nothing is going his way because his Ratata runs away. Then it begins....the epic montage...using music from the Rocky movies. I was so happy that it turned out so well. At the end of the montage Green originally said a few more things at the very end...but it ended up being too long so we had to cut it. It wasn't much, it was only like...

"are you sure?"

So then it goes into an epic battle between a Ratata and a Weedle....by epic I mean that only the critical hit was epic. After Green's victory...Red wakes up from his dream....or was it a dream? Who knows?

Wow...there was not much to write about this episode because it was mostly character development. But never-the-less very enjoyable. Instead of a favorite line. I have a favorite few lines. This is when Green is with Oak

Green- Don’t I get pokeballs or something

Oak- Do I look like I am made of money?

Green- I am a beginner

Oak- Listen I hate it when people assume that because I am a “professor” that I am automatically made of money

Alright and there ya go. Tomorrow Episode 14 is released. Next week we will have a trailer and on Monday I will do the write up.

Here's a little bonus for you loyal fans. It's an outake from episode 11. The line was

"Come on out Onix"

Episode 11 Blooper...

The best part is, that Master of Rock stayed in character while continuing to fumble on his words.