Episode 12 Trailer!


Sorry about last week, everyone. I was really swamped with my classes. But, as promised by Alex, here is the trailer for episode 12! This episode changes the life of Squirtle FOREVER! You should get an idea from the trailer. So, without further ado, episode 12 trailer! Enjoy!


Episode 11: The Black Knight

Well well well. Guess whose back. Back again. Alex's back. Tell a friend. Anywho lets jump right into this episode. It begins right where we left off at the end of 10 with Red being stuck behind the re-spawning tree. Fortunately he gets help from a bunch of beedrills and convinces them to cut down that small tree. Later he finds his way to the pokemon fanclub where that old man names tons of stuff that his favorite pokemon, Rapidash, can do. One of those is

Can beat the running man in Ocarina of Time

There is an unbeatable man you could race. It is impossible to win...unless you're Rapidash. Then Red gets his bike voucher and goes to get a bike that he completely destroys. Then Red's life forever changes when he figures out that saws are legal...so episode 8 and 9 didn't need to happen. Poor Red. This next part was done at the very last minute. Which is probably why the music is real quiet. We didn't have enough time to check with the rest of the episode. Oh well. So after Red figures out that he still in Cerulean city, we meet an interesting character. Let me tell ya, voicing him was took practice because I wanted him to speak fast. I even messed up on a few lines, but it blends with the character so it probably wasn't noticed. So let's just say I said

dark? no it's dark no it's dark light no no it's light no it's dark light

Instead of


on purpose ;). Then we finally meet brock. I hope the first thing he said sounded familiar. Remember from a long time ago back when episode 1 and 2 were released? Remember what the first lines brock said? Well if you do, then this may have been a pleasant surprise. Then it's revealed that Brock has a television and a pizza delivery job. Around this area, I slipped a Back to the Future Part 2 reference. See if you can find it. As for the battle itself. We see that brock has been training because his geodude evolved. Also his graveler knows some pretty good moves to. Rock throw and earthquake to name a few. Later in the battle Brock mentions he is a viking...he sure thinks he was important, poor guy. Speaking of poor guys, I feel bad for young Red. That shock must have really hurt. Ouch. After Red beats Brock (or should I say totally owned), Red shows a small amount of care to him and this makes Brock exited. So usuing Brock's help, Red gets out of that cave and starts heading for Lavender Town.

FAVORITE LINE TIME: Brock- Surprising right?
Just the way he said it makes it great.

Come back this Friday for the trailer for episode 12...and it will be up this time, I promise.