Happy Mid-February!

Hello everyone. Remember us? I sure do. I hope you all do too. Hopefully, The recent Professor Oak Teaches Pokemon episodes have been keeping you semi-entertained recently.  In other news, I've been keeping Red Squirtle alive in my heart too in other games too! Let me show you what I have been up to! In Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, I've sorta made a Red Squirtle secret base. So go ahead and visit it for a little Red Squirtle love!
Sure, my character might be named Blue, but pretend he is named Red. Next, I've been replaying Earthbound and named everything based off of Red Squirtle. Take a look!
So...yeah. Let's go over January's question which was "What would Red's second wish be if he was granted three wishes?" Let's go over what you all said.

Ryan said "He would wish to be a member of team rocket, since he was rejected earlier by that grunt on nugget bridge." That is some old school Red Squirtle stuff there and yet...I believe Red would hold that grudge.

B-rad B. (nice new name) said "He would ask for more wishes"...but what would his first wish be then....?

PAPAYA the superstar said "He'd definitely ask for a good, roasted Farfetch'd!" But I mean who wouldn't?

Jacob Solomon said "He'd ask to have a Ratatta in the top percentage of Ratatta. He's played too much Gold." He does have to show that punk, Gold, who really is the best trainer.

And for the remainder of this month....Red is commissioned to make a Squirtle Pokemon card, What would Squirtle's attacks be?

Keep an eye out for more Oak episodes and the eventual return of Red (whenever that'll be)!

See you all soon!



  1. Squirtle 45 hp
    Water (shot)Gun 2 waters does 45 hp
    Ice Beam 4 waters 2 normals Flip a coin. If heads does 64 damage and freezes the opponent for 2 turns. If tails does nothing, but requires a mid-match glass of water break.

  2. Logananimeguy2/26/2015

    Squirtle EX 70 HP
    Ice Beam: 2 Water Energies, 30 damage, Heads Paralyze, Tails no paralysis
    That other move: 5 Water Energy, Infinite damage, If heads the attack hits, if tails the attack does nothing

  3. Dawson14413/03/2015

    Im back but knowing how long it is for content to come I probably didnt miss too much (finally an upside)(also not meant to be an insult QUALITY>QUANTITY) my computer broke so I got a tablet thats probobaly better than a computer from the Jurassic period (more advanced then you might think) also for the card I dont know much about pokemon cards but squirtles move should be that...move insta kill every time

    1. Dawson14413/03/2015

      I meant that other move (I didnt use google or whatever so I cant edit)


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