Hello Everyone. Here is an update!

Hey everyone, I hope you had an easy time finding the new itunes feed. If anything is wrong with any episode, please email us. We also finally got the name we kinda sorta wanted from the start....well it is the name we've been calling it since the early episodes ("Last time on The Red Squirtle") However, due to this homemade feed, the times won't be displayed on itunes unless you download it, but that's hardly a bother. Within the coming weeks, we will all get together soon and record away. I currently have 3 more episodes I wrote ahead of time and I'm halfway done with another. I'll make sure I finish the 4th one and we will try to power record all 4 during the end of December and beginning of January. Other than that, I don't have much news to share with you. If you haven't already done so, subscribe to our youtube account because we upload older episodes onto there CLICK HERE

So, lets get another question.  What would be Red's top 3 Christmas...erm...holiday gifts be? Answer in the comments!



Well, it happened again...

Hey guys. MyPodcast decided to blow up a few days earlier than they said, two days ago Taco Man and I wrote, recorded, and edited this episode. It is incredibly short and it won't make sense why Red is suddenly there. None the less I uploaded it on youtube but you can only view the video here because I made it unlisted. On Itunes we are now "The Red Squirtle" click here for a direct link. As for our feed, you can follow it on a blog we made to create this feed. You can go to it right here. Anyways, here is our short little episode we made that WAS going to be put on our old feed....presenting Episode H: MyProblem

Sorry again,


Let's talk about Episode 21: This Is Not My Batman Cup

Wow....i wrote this episode a long long long long LONG time ago...and I think we recorded it before we rewrote/recorded episode 19....yikes. This one does not really have too much to explain. In this episode, I wanted to have Red go to a restaurant because we all know he would somehow get kicked out. Later when Red used the pokeflute...you may have noticed that it wasn't a flute making those sounds. Instead, we got Taco Man to get out an old recorder he had in elementary school and just play that very badly. One major theme of this episode is the "WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH etc." and some of you may be confused about why we chose the name "This Is Not My Batman Cup" Anyone familiar with Family Guy might get it. If you are not, well...I can't find the clip on Youtube...sorry guys. We also had Red run into biker gangs because....hey why not. If you don't recognize the song, it's from Chrono Trigger when you meet up with Johnny the Biker. Also...wow I'm surprised Red is still alive from that beat down he experienced. Then the rest about going to the docks...that's quite self explanatory...so yeah.... Wanna hear what I was listening to when  I was writing this?...OKAY

Yeah...so...it's time foooorrrrrr...MY FAVORITE QUOTE OF THE EPISODE!

Gang6- and I bet that you….you eat……grass

I love silly lines like that!
Anyways I'll be back later this month about important things



Woah! It's November?

Hey everyone! Alex here and wow it is November?! School has been keeping me (and the rest of the guys) quite busy. Anyways let's go over October's Question which was "You send Red a text message. He answers with "HEY HEY HEY HEY...no!" What did you send him?"

Brock said "Hey Red! It's your best friend of all time Brock!!! Wanna hang out?"

PAPAYA said "Will Gold defeat you in an battle of epic proportions at Mt. Silver?"

Anonymous said "Is there anything yellow that you don't like?"

ComputerBug said "Hiiiiiiiiii Red! It's me Emerald! You know, the guy who ate your Pidgey. Yeah, sorry about that again, at least you got it back a couple hours later. He tasted like onions. Anywho, I hope you can you forgive me? "

Brian said "Hey, what's up?"

Whoever posed as Brock...you made my day when I read that. PAPAYA and ComputerBug both posing as a character from other pokemon games. Anonymous' question about yellow is flawless because Red...likes the color yellow. And Brian's answer.....made me laugh a lot because I could imagine Red doing that. Anyways, No question for the rest of this month because we are pretty much done. HOWEVER! Do expect a post tomorrow about Episode 21. Another post later this month about some problems we are experiencing (that are now resolved). See you all tomorrow and I'll let you off with this awesome Top 21 Red Squirtle Moments made by our friends over at FireGold. Enjoy!



Woah! October!

Hey guys! It's been a bit. Well lets start by looking at the question: What would Red's favorite Candy be? Let's review!

- I said he'd like Twix...I'm still not sure why
-  PAPAYA said Red would enjoy any kind of Easter treats because oh one of his thoughts "Think like a smart person...bunnies"(Episode 7)
- Waterboy11 said laffy taffy...but specifically Yellow laffy taffy
- ComputerBug said Chocolate Dunkaroos because of his awesome Halloween costume
- Anony said Anything yellow! That's quite a broad category
- Brian said Butterfingers with Heath Bar as a close second...he also seemed to be very secure about that answer

So onto news. We are attempting to release another episode either this month or November. Other than that, nothing else new is going on. Lets have a new question! You send Red a text message. He answers with "HEY HEY HEY HEY...no!" What did you send him? Be funny guys. I love reading answers.



Well well. It's that time again...

Okay before I go into news and such, lets see how people would approach this battle scenario. "Wild DITTO appeared. Go! ________! Who would be sent out and what would you do?" We got quite a few responses for this one. I was glad to see that. Brian said he'd send out Spearow that only knew mirror move. This "technique" would end up having both pokemon constantly be transforming and using mirror move....so it'll end in a struggle fight. Anony1 said "Go Poliwrath! Poliwrath uses Hypnosis! Wild Ditto fell asleep! Poliwrath uses Submission! Wild Ditto is defeated!" This answer needs no explanation. Anony2 said just plain and simple a Gengar. Our friend (with another new name) Computer Bug said He'd send out a Slaking and use focus punch, but because it will go second (slow speed stat) ditto will transform into it and then it'll get super effective from focus punch. Anony3 said "Magikarp or Fishy" If I was Anony3...I'd stick with Fishy ( way better than the average Magikarp). Finally, G-Dragon said he'd have a transform contest by sending out his own Ditto...so another struggle fight.

Okay with that out of the way, I have bad news. School started. With all 3 of us now separated again, updates will be....very very very slow again. However, we do have stuff recorded. So within....I dunno... a few months we'll try to release another episode. Its hard because editing is a long process and Taco Man has very little free time now. As for me, I'll try to find stuff to post and entertain you guys while you wait. Right now I have nothing, but I'm getting a microphone soon so maybe I'll record a mini series on the side. I do have ideas. I'll just leave it at that...also don't expect much in terms of editing. I don't know nearly as much as Taco Man. So how about a question now. What would Red's favorite Candy be? Personally I'd see him as a big twix fan myself. I'm not sure why though... Anyways what do you guys think? See you all maybe later this month. If you didn't know, we started uploading older episodes of Red Squirtle to Youtube. Check them out! I also personally annotated each episode with little facts you may or may not know. So if you have a few minutes to kill, check us out HERE



Happy....Mid August!

Yeah...I got a little lazy. I'm sorry.

 Last month's question was "Whats your favorite character?" Let's take a look at the things you guys said.

Anony likes Red because of his unique mind and how it actually somehow helps him in battle. PAPAYA of Fire Gold (click here to see it) says he likes Surge or else he wouldn't be a good American....fair enough. How can you live in AMERICA-ICA-ica-ica-ca-ca-ca without liking Surge. Jacob McAwesome (great name by the way) likes Pidgey because he can relate it to his own Pidgey, who happens to lose a  lot in battle. Finally, Emerald (used to be gold) said that he liked is Brock because...c'mon who doesn't like Brock

Alright that's it for today now to give you a new question. Wild DITTO appeared. Go! ________! Who would be sent out and what would you do? It doesn't have to be Red Squirtle related so get creative! We currently have 21 recorded and in the editing process. 22 is partially recorded (that one may take a while to edit because of it's complexity)and just as an fyi, we have 24 episodes fully written. Okay guys see you later this month for an update.



Write up episode 20!

It felt like forever since I wrote this one...mainly because it has been a long time since then, even longer than the redo of episode 19. None-the-less I remember this episode was fun to write and fun to record.

If you didn't notice, the intro is very similar to the outro of episode 19...that is because what we had recorded in the intro was the recap of the old episode 19. So instead of recording a new one, we just took the outro and decided it was good enough (we wanted this episode to be released asap)

In this episode we introduced two rocket members who aren't very good pokemon trainers. Their voices are based on the voices of henchmen 21 and 24 from one of my favorite TV shows, The Venture Brothers. Master of Rock and I love to do impressions of these two and we decided to add it to Red Squirtle. Personally I think I can do a better 21 than I did in the recording, but hey it kinda sounds like him. Later we move to the battle between Marowak and Squirtle. I'm 100% possitive that everyone tried to catch the Marowak only to have it avoid the pokeball. I have a story about that, but I'll explain it at another time.
This is when you guys truly see the power of Growlithe. We had this one planned for a while. However, the original plans for Growlithe was different. We planned to have two episodes based on Erika's gym. In one epsioe Red would battle her and lose. Then in the next episode Red finds a Growlithe, catches it, then battles Erika and wins. We scrapped this idea when we realized how much we liked doing game shows and replaced that idea with Red meeting Yellow and trading for a Growlithe, but that was replaced with what 19 is today. I'm not sure when we decided to make Growlithe all glitchy like, but it had to be close to when I started writing the episode. Later we meet mr. racism...I mean Fuji. I apologize to any Asian listeners that impression, but come on. His name is Fuji, he has to be Asian. This is one of those Rare instances where Taco Man is not Red, Squirtle, or Growlithe. He played Fuji in this one. So direct the hate mail to him :D Also did you guys like that little thing at the end? This is what we were saying before starting the episode. From this you learned that 20 is indeed 5 after 15. Good job Master of Rock, you CAN do math

Thats all for this episode. All that's left is my favorite quote(s) of the episode. This episode has to be this one:

Rocket3- huh?
Red- shut up. Use another move growlithe!

This exchange here always cracks me up. Red is such a boss. Do you have a favorite quote from 20? Share it here. However don't forget to answer July's question you can see it HERE . Just scroll down to the bottom of that post and the question will be bolded and underlined. See ya soon for the next episode!




So I guess you guys kinda want a new episode. Yeah, that would be cool, wouldn't it? But all I have for you guys is this silly little trailer. Maybe if you came back on Friday with the CardKey, you might have some better luck...
Also, on a completely different note, our blog is now compatible with your mobile device! It was compatible before, but now its easier to navigate! Hooray!!


~~Taco Man


July! + other cool things

Happy July 6th! So before we get into "other cool things" lets go over what you guys said for your favorite Brock moment! Mr. (or Mrs.) Anonymous1 mentioned Brock's famous pizza job. To this day I wonder why I decided to make Brock deliver pizza. PAYAPA said that he liked Brock in the Celedon City Gym. Game shows are a fun alternative to battles because battles are hard to do with an audio podcast sometimes. Next up we got Anonymous2 is, again, in the Celadon gym. Anony2 liked one of my favorite lines of the episode. So thumbs up to her/him. Gold mention 2 moments, one of them was my favorite, when Brock became a viking. While his favorite scene is in the episode in the Rock Tunnel, where both Red and Brock do they "Hello? is anyone there?" speech together. Next up Kelli mentioned an old episode, the Halloween episode. She happened to like the very beginning with Brock getting a door slammed in his face. Then Finally with Anony3 with the Cerulean Gym episode where Brock comes from nowhere and joins Red's Party.

Alright, glad to see we have some participants, it makes us all here very happy. So let's move onto something new! while updates may be slow on our end, there is something new you can massage your ears to while you wait. Red Squirtle Squad proudly presents Pokemon FireGold (http://pdafiregold.blogspot.com/). This is a podcast made by the creators of the anniversary episode. As of this post they have 2 episodes out and it follows the story of Gold and Silver.

If anyone else has any Pokemon/RS content they would like to share, just shoot me an email and I would love to mention you in the next post (but make sure you have actual content) I thinking about posting episodes on Youtube like FireGold did (as well as itunes) to try to expand our audience, so expect that soon

Next! Here's a new question. We've had this question in poll version a while back, but let's bring it up again. Who is your favorite character? For me it is Brock because of how crazy and optimistic he is. How about you guys?


..yup that's it

...okay fine! We have new stuff recorded, but it is in the editing process



Hello June

Well this month had some great ideas about the original episode 19 as well as some...interesting comments. Gold suggested that Red trades with Blue after Blue gets mad at his Growlithe. PAPAYA suggested that Red met Jack after Jack caught a Growlithe and after Red wins the battle, they traded. Brian suggested it had something to do with a Doduo and a Shellder but didn't elaborate any further. The original 19 is about Red meets a girl named Yellow. Yellow has a Growlithe who doesn't listen to her, much like Red's Eevee. They have a battle and it ends at a stand still between Eevee and Growlithe. They agree to trade and red messes up the trade sequence which also messes up his Growlithe. The reason we had to rewrite it is because our actress for Yellow suddenly quit on us and we took time to try to find someone else who can do the voice for us but none of our friends wanted to. If there are any girls who want to do a voice for us, don't hesitate to send us an email at redsquirtle1@gmail.com

Okay! so new question for this month is....What is your favorite Brock moment on Red Squirtle? Brock is one of my favorite characters in the series and he has made numerous appearances. I quote him all the time. It's not hard to love Brock. As for me.... In episode 9 (the viking one), The whole conversation between Red and Brock about him being a viking and Red basically destroys Brock's idea of being a viking.

Share your favorites in the comments below. You don't need a google account to post, just go to the bottom of the comment box and it'll say "Comment as" and either choose Anonymous or Name/URL(if you want a name to appear on the comment) We currently have a few episodes recorded, so expect something soon. Buh bye Red Squirtleites!



Episode 19 - results = Question!

Thank you to Milton Plotkin for the wonderful new logo. We will be using it from now on. I hope you all like it like we do!

Forget the results, I don't trust those numbers!...okay moving on!

19...19...oh 19...19 brought us a lot of trouble and it had to be around when all of us left for college. A thing you may not know is that we had 2 episode 19s. the first one had to be dropped because of a recurring problem. We would get a girl to do a voice, but then she would back out and completely mess us up. One day I'll post the original 19 on here for you. We rewrote episode 19 while I was home one weekend (Taco Man and Master of Rock commute to college) and recorded it during our spring break, but couldn't finish it because school got in the way. It wasn't until summer break where we actually finished the episode.

Let's dive into the episode. The first half of the episode is dominated by Taco Man because he voices Squirtle, Red, and Growlithe. So me and Master of Rock just kinda sat back trying to make each other crack up. Plan A is classic Red Squirtle. We first did that gag in episode 2 and it really stuck with us. If you notice, Red's plans go like this: A, B, 3, 7, 7, 8, and he mentions plan z, but he never makes it that far. This episode is pretty much two parts, the pursuing Growlithe part and the V battle part. I did write these both on different sittings. The pursuing Growlithe part was written at around 1 am on Master of Rock's deck. We were all talking about Pokemon Black and White, which we didn't have at the time (not sure if it was even out in America-a-a-a yet) So I had both of them to get ideas from. In fact the whole thing with the exploding Snorelaxes came off of us talking about it...but remember, I'm a cowboy. Ever since we wrote that episode that's one of the lines we quote a lot. How did that (or even the whole western genre) come in my mind? I wish I could remember. The reason he does it twice is because when I was typing i typed "Okay plan 7" then I paused, scrolled up a bit and saw I already did it, so instead of changing it, I thought it would be funny to have Red just do it again without realizing it. I have no idea what was in mind for plan 8, I literally just typed random things and just left it there. Well the jar of honey could be me referencing Earthbound because there was an item called a jar of fly honey. However, the other two were just random. At that point I stopped working on the episode and I went home to sleep.

I didn't start working on it again til downtime in college. that is when trainer V was created. Voiced by our very own Master of Rock and pitch was slightly lowered to make him seem older than Red. of course he catches Growlithe with something that Red never even thought of...a pokeball. Maybe plan z was throw a pokeball. Immediately after, Red gets jealous and will do anything for that Growlithe and I decided Red should do something really risky, risk losing his Squirtle! That would be perfect. This episode has more breaking of the fourth wall with Red mentioning Blue version. One of my favorite parts of this episodes is right before the battle when Red is accepting V's challenge before he finishes. I wanted to make V knowledgeable about Pokemon and to tell Red a few pointers, let's see if he remembers this in the future. V also showcases a few new Pokemon we haven't seen in the series yet. I should keep track of what Pokemon we have used because I would like to have most of the original Pokemon show up in the series in some way. I may find out this week and post it on the blog. One of my favorite parts of this battle is when Squirtle almost defeats Machoke, but then V uses a potion on him, it suddenly hit me one while writing it that no one has ever used a potion in the series. So I decided to have V be that guy who always uses a potion in battle and just makes you mad. So at the end of the battle Red trades his Eevee for V's Growlithe, The dialogue during the trade is almost the exact same as the original 19 because in the original 19, Red trades his Eevee for someone's Growlithe and messes it up. At the end we learn his name...well at least a letter of his name. All 3 of us know his real name, one day you will too, but for now he is Pokemon Trainer V.

The sound effects in this episode were fantastic, we sometimes talk about redoing old episodes because of the lack of any kind of sound effects, but I don't think we will anytime soon. Compare episode 2 and more recent episodes and tons of changes have been made (like Pikachu's voice, Brock's voice, Red's voice to some extent, sound effects, pitch changes, better writing, better battles (if you noticed in episode 2 Brock doesn't fight back at all)) Overall we improve almost everything and we would be nothing without our loving fans. Thank you all for supporting us and look forward to future episodes.
Favorite quote time!

V- Hmm…How about this, If you win I will trade you my Growlithe for anything you have
Red- Okay!
V- However, if I win, I’ll trade you my Growlithe-
Red- Let’s do it!
V- let me finish, I’ll trade you my Growlithe-
Red- Challenge accept-
V-SHUT YOUR MOUTH! IF I win, You WILL trade your Squirtle, the blue turtle one, for my Growlithe

This little sequence shows how much Red listens and kinda shows off his childish side.

Do you guys have a favorite quote? Post a comment saying it. Also instead of a monthly poll, Let's try out a question. So along with your quote (if you have one), answer this for me. What do you think happened in the original 19? Just remember, the part in the pokecenter was almost the exact same, so Red had to get his Growlithe by trading his Eevee with someone else. I'll post some of our favorite answers next month and if you guys would like to do this instead of a poll, please let us know!

Wow this is a long post...hope you all enjoyed it



Oh my god. No way. It can't be. IT IS! The trailer for the ever-elusive Episode 19 is now up! What could possibly happen? You guys will have to wait just a little bit longer! This is just a little teaser, and to let you guys know we are almost done (for real this time!)


~~Taco Man



Alright this moths results...went kinda how I expected with Chikorita with a huge amount of votes.
For this moths poll... What version of pokemon did you get? Black, White, Both, Neither and I hate pandas.

Okay onto episode 19, it is officially re-recorded and it is being worked on as I type. I think you guys will really like it. Let's just say Red's life will forever be changed by this episode.



Results for Februrary

Hey hey hey Red Squirtleites, I got the results and umm....I have no idea what happened this month I hardly doubt we had over 200 different hits on the blog but here it is anyways here it is

Well I am going to assume that Cyndaquil is the more popular and before we out of no where gained a ton of votes Totodile was winning. Alright this month is (surprise) which is the best grass starter? Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Treecko, Turtwig, or Snivy. Hopefully the poll doesn't mess up again



Results + 19 info

Hey hey hey everybody. Got January's results...much better on participation lets shoot for more votes this month. Without further adieu, here it is...

With no surprise, squirtle won. However, I was more interested who would win second place. We had a tie! Totodile and Piplup are tied. I think we need to settle this one. That's right, we're gonna have 2 polls this month. Poll number one, which is the best fire starter. Options are (obviously) Charmander, Cyndaquil, Torchic, Chimchar, Tepig. Poll number two! Who is truly the second best water starter! With the two options being Totodile and Piplup.

Okay time for 19 update. It's coming. That is all.

Nobody liekz mudkipz
(picture by NessStar3000)



Hey guy,got the results here from December...gotta say participation is lacking recently. That makes squirtle angry. Anywho, I got the results here...

I see more than half of you went with the safe answer. We'll see soon which one is truly right. For January's poll, we all love water pokemon starters....well at least I do. Well we were wondering, what is your favorite water starter? We even included Black and White's starter just in case you had a sudden attachment to the lil otter. When is the next episode coming out? I'm not too sure. I don't think Taco Man is ready for this week. So expect it next week. I hope you all enjoyed our come back episode, it was a blast to write and it is probably the only time we will use heart gold and soul silver music in place for red and blue. Red falls asleep too much in the series...maybe he will again soon...